A Fond Farewell

When I moved to Bainbridge Island in 2017, I knew ahead of time that the community had a lot to offer. However, after living here for several months, and loving it, I quickly realized there was still so much to learn about Bainbridge and that inspired me to start The Island Wanderer Blog in August of 2018—and the ensuing years have been amazing! In writing TIWB, I’ve met the most wonderful people, made some great friends and I’ve learned all about the fun and entertaining events, artists, community members, and businesses that make Bainbridge so special.

Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing some great and some wicked curveballs, that, more often than not, change the course of our lives. I was thrown one of the latter curveballs in the past year, which has prompted me to reassess my future and make the difficult decision to move closer to my family. I’ll be leaving TIWB permanently at the end of this month and handing the reins over to my co-blogger, Kevin Dwyer.

TIWB images by Margaret MillmoreFor those of you who don’t know Kevin, he’s a semi-retired journalist and joined the blog in January 2021. He has a storied career in business journalism and was the president of the BI Chamber of Commerce from 2001-2011, and then interim president for most of 2020. Kevin has brought so much to TIWB over the last three-plus years and has been instrumental in growing the blog through great content and fun off-island adventures (if you’d like to read more about Kevin, visit his bio here).

To continue to make The Island Wanderer an informative, educational and entertaining blog, Kevin is seeking out potential writers and editors who might be interested in contributing to the site. If you’re interested or you know of others who might be, please have them contact Kevin via email at: kjd98110@gmail.com.

This wonderful chapter of my life would not have been possible without the support of the Bainbridge community. Writing The Island Wanderer has been an amazing and fulfilling experience and for that, I am forever grateful.

All the best, Margaret Millmore, founder of The Island Wanderer Blog


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