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BIDC logoFor East Coasters, Andrea and Brad Bernadt, living and working in New York City was exhilarating. The fast pace lifestyle, and their busy and demanding careers—practicing law for Brad, and a Store Leader for Apple’s Grand Central Terminal store (one of the busiest Apple locations in the world) for Andrea, didn’t leave much time to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life.

When Andrea was offered a Store Lead position in Seattle in 2016, the couple packed up their Yorkshire Terrier, Charlie (who has sadly passed over the Rainbow Bridge since then) and relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they could still enjoy the amenities of a big city, but at a much slower pace. They loved living in the Seattle area for the next four years, and happily welcomed Bear, their Golden Retriever to the family. However, wanting to take an even slower approach to life, they decided to make the move to Bainbridge Island in 2020, and in 2021 they added the newest member of the family, Bear’s bio-brother, Moose.

Andrea and Brad have an incredible connection with their fur babies, “they are truly our family companions and we can’t imagine our lives without them,” Andrea said. “They bring so much joy and love, and teach us how to appreciate everything around us. Dogs make the world better.”

While Andrea and Brad were both still commuting to Seattle for work, Bear spent his days at a doggy daycare. After they adopted Moose, both dogs would spend a few days a week commuting to Seattle, where they were cared for at an indoor facility, but that presented its own problems. The experiences would plant the seeds and inspire a new adventure for the couple, the creation of a specialized dog club.

As most of us know, Bainbridge Islanders love their dogs (and all their pets for that matter), and we have a strong canine community here. As part of that community, Andrea and Brad recognized a need for more services that support dogs and their owners. Through careful and well thought out research, they began to create a plan to fill that void. In June of 2022, the Bainbridge Island Dog Club (BIDC) was created.

Envisioning this specialized space, Andrea and Brad consulted various experts to determine what the best products were, from the colors on the walls, to flooring, acoustic tiles for sound proofing and the best air filtration systems.

BIDC store interiorWhen you enter BIDC, you find yourself in the store, which houses beautiful tall display shelves, filled to the brim with fun curated items especially designed for dogs and the people that love them. From treats, supplements, pet care supplies, toys, dog beds, accessories, t-shirts, pet art, hats and bags to just about everything else dog-related that you can think of—they even have edible birthday cards for your dogs. If you can imagine it, BIDC’s store probably carries it.

Although the store is open, the larger facility is still under construction. Andrea and Brad explained that the doggy play area, which is quite large, and will have designated spaces based on size and temperament so that each of the dogs will be comfortable with their canine companions. In addition, they’ve installed pet relief stations in each section, which is tied into the sewer system. While considering additional comfort for the dogs, they’re using a special flooring product consisting of a cushioned rubber pad (poured in place) and topped with a urethane wear layer, creating a durable surface that won’t catch your pup’s nails and can be sanitized easily in case of a potty accident. Refreshment stations with a continuous flow of filtered water will also be installed throughout the play areas.

They’ll be incorporating canine-calming colors in blues, greys and muted whites, which will be reflected in the walls, flooring, and acoustic ceiling tiles (the ceiling tiles are made out of recycled water bottles). They’ve even designed a “quiet room” for dogs that are more sensitive, or just need a break from their canine friends.

The grooming salon will have two bathing stations and three grooming tables, which are designed on hydraulic lifts so that older (and larger) dogs can easily get into them (and of course, it makes it much easier on the groomers too). They will also have a slip resistant floor and a negative air-pressure system, which will keep the hair clippings from flying around while the blow driers are in use.

BIDC MerchandiseAdditional services will include training classes for pet owners and their dogs, and grooming classes on bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc. Andrea and Brad will also offer free weekend sessions for service and comfort animals. They also hope to bring in a pop-up clinic with veterinarians to provide basic vaccinations and checkups and work with local artists to provide professional pet portraits.

More services will include:

  • Self-drop-off and pick-up so customers can maximize their day without their pup.
  • There will be cameras in the daycare areas so pup parents can check in on their babies throughout the day.
  • Sniffy walks through Sakai Park are a wonderful add-on to daycare, to get the pup outside and to stimulate their senses.
  • Private Shopping Events, with BIDC provided beverages and gift bags, click here to learn more.
  • Dog adoption events.

Andrea and Brad worked with local professionals to bring BIDC to life, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Anthony Piazza of Bainbridge Woodworks is their co-general contractor and has designed, built and installed all of the custom woodwork and cabinets, including a “magic desktop” that unfolds to create a surface for folding clothing. Craig Heisinger of Hauswerks LLC is also a co-general contractor and in his role, he’s merged two commercial units into one, and built and installed all the “behind the scenes” things, like structural supports, walls and everything else you “won’t” see. Andrea also noted that Julie Rust of The Fluffy Ruff Dog Spa here on Bainbridge has been tremendously supportive.

BIDC Ambassadors - Bear - left and Moose - rightAlthough construction of the daycare and grooming facility is still underway (they plan to fully open by year end), the shop is opened to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. They are located at 931 Hildebrand Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 or you can visit their shop online, at Shop — Bainbridge Island Dog Club ( (they offer in-store pick up, $6 BI only delivery, or $9.95 flat rate shipping within the US).

BIDC will soon carry Bainbridge Troll products, with part of the proceeds going towards the long-term maintenance of the troll. You’ll find them on the upcoming Visit the Bainbridge Troll Walking Map.

BICoC - TIWBWhile Andrea and Brad have both been heavily involved in the implementation of their new adventure, Andrea has taken it on as her new full-time career, and along with their canine ambassadors, Bear and Moose, will be the faces you’ll see the most. To learn more about BIDC membership, click here.

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