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Roundabouts are the Latest Answer to Traffic Gridlock. And, Bainbridge is Right in the Middle of this Emerging Trend

Roundabouts are the latest and greatest transportation craze, aimed at staunching traffic gridlock. They’re ubiquitous throughout Europe and in other places around the world and help create driving efficiency and safety. America has been lagging behind, but is now beginning …

Nearly Three Decades in the Making, City Finally Unveils New Police Station and Muni Court Center

Ted Spearman Justice Center Bainbridge IslandAfter decades of wrangling, the City of Bainbridge Island has finally completed the new home of its police department, municipal court offices, and emergency services on the site of the former Harrison Hospital Medical Clinic site – at 8804 Madison …

“Their voice, their club, their community” – The Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGC) dates back to 1860, when four women from Connecticut wanted to help boys have a positive alternative to roaming the streets. The women organized the first club, “With character development as the

Island Holiday Community Meal Project: Spreading Joy and Warmth to Seniors and Community Members

The Island Holiday Community Meal Project, is a heartwarming program, which began in 2020, brings joy and nourishment to seniors and community members during the holiday season.

The project is a collaboration led by compassionate and dedicated community volunteer Laura

City New Bytes: Winslow Subarea Plan, New Justice Center Grand Opening, Road Work Updates, including new Roundabouts on 305

Open House for Winslow Subarea Plan – Nov. 9 – Join City officials Thursday Nov. 9 for an Open House to learn more about the Alternatives for the Winslow Subarea Plan. In Person

Open House
Hosted by the Planning Commission…

Turning your passion into a business – Sarah Duncan on Organization Overdrive     

Organization Overdrive logoFor many of us, getting and staying organized is a huge challenge. Life tends to get in the way and before we know it, piles of clutter are everywhere and the task of getting it all where it belongs (or …

Gerald Simonsen – Notary Service for Free, Making Bubbles, Promoting Live Music and living a life where “stuff just sorta happened…”

He looks a bit like Santa Clause with his white fluffy beard and can often be found doing notary work for complete strangers outside Coquette Bake Shop at the Winslow Green or having a beer at the Islander. However, …

Join ReFashion Bainbridge for a Conversation with J.B. MacKinnon and Rebecca Rockefeller – October 11th

A Conversation with JB Mackinnon - Refashion Bainbridge poster October 2023ReFashion Bainbridge is proud to present a one-hour discussion between J. B. MacKinnon, journalist and author of The Day the World Stops Shopping (in addition to The 100-mile Diet) and Rebecca Rockefeller, co-author of Buy Nothing, Get

Fifth Generation Islander, Rory Thurrott on Rory’s Custom Fabrication and Doing What You Love

As you’re cruising along Eagle Harbor Drive, enjoying the gentle curves of the road and the dappled sunlight through the tree canopies you might come across an impressive spiral metal staircase being loaded onto a flatbed truck, or maybe it’s …

BI Senior Center’s Resource Fair has an Oktoberfest Theme—and Beer to Prove it!

2023 Oktoberfest Resource FairUsing alcohol to lure potential supporters to an event of any kind is as old as the hills. Think Greeks and Romans. Indeed, attend almost any fundraiser on Bainbridge Island and you’re likely to see wine, beer and spirits …

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