City Council Postpones Public Hearing on Next Phase of the Grow Community

A public hearing seeking comments on the next construction phase of the Grow Community has been rescheduled until March. It was originally slated for this coming Tuesday, Feb. 22. The new date is March 22. Jonathan Davis, the principal architect on “Grow Phase 3” said the City requested the delay to better prepare for the hearing.

The hearing gives the community an opportunity to provide input on the Grow Community’s Phase 3 plat alteration proposal that would change the previously approved multi-family use for this final phase of the development.

The Grow Community, which is bordered by Wyatt Way, Grow Avenue and Shepard Way NE, is a so-called  urban “Net Zero” neighborhood in Downtown Winslow that includes solar-powered homes, shared community gardens and clean transportation options. It attempts to follow designs laid out by “One Planet Living,” which adheres to 10 guiding principals of sustainable living. Some of these guidelines include zero carbon, zero waste, sustainable water, transportation and so forth.

The community’s final subdivision (the Phase 3 portion of site) is currently approved for 18 multi-family and four single-family units. The applicant-developer proposes to remove the multi-family units and build a total of 14 single-family units. The City’s Municipal Code, however, requires a public hearing to be held when there is a request to alter a subdivision application.

“The 14 townhouses will again be very energy efficient and green built,” said John Ellis, who is a long-time investor in the project.  And, “will include work at-home components, with the added benefit of the large green park-like space adjacent to it. Living in Winslow with little need for a car is a wonderful experience and a great way to live light on the land.”

The Grow Community, which sits on land that was once government housing,  broke ground in 2012. It’s subdivision and site plan review were originally approved by the City in 2014 and Phases 1 and 2 have since been built out. Phase 1 includes approximately 23 townhouses that mostly front Wyatt Way. Phase 2 includes approximately 135 multi-family residences scattered throughout the rest of the nearly six-acre property. Ellis said all units in the development have been sold.

If approved, Phase 3 will be built on undeveloped land that now fronts Shepard Way NE.  Ellis said there is already “keen interest” among potential buyers for the new Phase 3  single-family townhouses. Bainbridge architect Jonathon Davis, who designed the townhouses in Phase 1 of Grow, has been retained to design the Phase 3 buildings. Davis, along with John Ellis’ brother, Ed Ellis, will be investors in the project as well, John Ellis added.

According to its website, the Grow Community, “offers a simpler, more intentional lifestyle where you can be mindful of your impact on the environment while focusing on what matters to you most. The nearby shops, restaurants and other amenities of Winslow town center offer convenient 5-minute living. And with inviting gardens, parks and green spaces, Grow Community makes connections happen: neighbor to neighbor, you to the planet.”


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