Come Join OfficeXpats as it Celebrates 12 years of Offering Bainbridge a Unique CoWorking Spot

OfficeXpats logoThis year OfficeXpats celebrates it’s 12 anniversary on the Fall Equinox with an open house and a harvest theme.

  • Enjoy pours from Sisters’ Cider and scrumptious harvest dishes
  • Play with ChatGPT at their AI station and generate poems to share
  • Check out the plans for the new private offices!

Can you believe it’s been 12 years? You are invited to stop in at the OfficeXpats open house on Thursday, Sept 21, 5:30-7:30 to celebrate. And something new… they are pre-leasing 3 private offices! If you want your own space in OfficeXpats before the end of the year, now is the time to check it out. Stop by during the open house on Thursday or call 206-355-9636 to arrange something else. More on both at

Co-owner, Leslie Schneider asked ChatGPT to write a poem for their anniversary. “My prompt, ‘Write a poem for 12 years of OfficeXpats Coworking on Bainbridge Island’ then, faster than any human can type, it spit out this (with tiny tweaks by me):”

In the heart of Bainbridge, a haven so bright
A place where minds gather, ideas take flight
For twelve splendid years post journey begun
OfficeXpats Coworking dreams are still spun

A space of collaboration, projects take form
Goals are nurtured through a shared norm
From freelancers to creators, a diverse embrace
A tapestry woven, creativity finds its space

With desks side by side, and rooms full of light
A community flourished, day and night
Innovation ignited, passions did soar
OfficeXpats became a home to explore

Twelve years of growth, of stories entwined
Of projects embarked upon, and goals redefined
With workshops and laughter, events that inspire
A space where imagination continually transpires

So here’s to the journey, the past and the now
To the future ahead, with a promising vow
OfficeXpats, your twelve years we celebrate
A beacon of collaboration, let us eat cake!

“OK, I added ‘let us eat cake’ I didn’t like ‘where brilliance elates,’” says Schneider.

They’ll have a computer set up that evening, like a kiosk, so you can experiment with silly prompts and get even sillier responses. “Maybe we’ll even share some when we do a drawing for movie tickets or other goodies,” Schneider added.

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OfficeXPats 2Bainbridge’s own OfficeXpats  is one of the pioneers in shared office space, having set up shop a dozen years ago in The Pavilion in Downtown Winslow, and attracting clients from all walks of business life – writers, artists, finance people, budding entrepreneurs and the like. They provide a comfortable and well-equipped space for whatever your office needs are and the central downtown location makes it easy for commuting to and from your home. The company – co-owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Jason Omen and Leslie Schneider – is located at 403 Madison Ave N. Suite 240, on the second floor of The Pavilion.

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