Coming together for our community – information on resources during the COVID-19 crisis

There are so many resources and wonderful people and businesses on Bainbridge Island that are available to assist, I’ve done my best to create a consolidated list below, including information on current hiring. If you are aware of any additional information that can help our neighbors and community, please contact me and I will update this post.

From the Chamber of Commerce Newsletter:
The Bainbridge Island Downtown Association and Chamber of Commerce are functioning as central sources for business resources and updates. BIDA and the BICC will share information with the City of Bainbridge Island, Bainbridge Prepares, and others. In addition to our websites, we will post current information on all relevant communication channels. 

The Chamber and the Downtown Association have a united mission, especially during this difficult time. Our goals include:

  • Providing up to date information on our respective websites on business hours, promotions, delivery and shipping options, and temporary closures.
  • Providing city, county, state and federal links for employer and employee resources to help mitigate personal and financial impacts. Working with the COBI Emergency Response Team, Bainbridge Prepares and others to keep communication fluid and to access resources.
  • Serving our members by providing the most current information to the public.

3/16/20 A large employer on Bainbridge Island is looking for 25-30 part time/seasonal hires to assist with store operations like bagging, stocking, carts, and other areas. They are hoping their need might help to offset impacts to local employees from other businesses that are closing/laying off. They can use people immediately and have asked us to assemble a list. Please call or email BI Downtown Association or the Chamber of Commerce if you are interested.

Helpline House (from their Facebook page on March 18, 2020)
Beginning Monday, March 23
Helpline House’s food bank in partnership with Island Volunteer Caregivers will deliver prepacked nutritious foods to households that are unable to come to the food bank.
-New and existing clients, please call 206.842.7621 or email
to make arrangements the following week.
-Please visit for Monday’s updates and FAQs pages.

Proper Fish (from their Facebook page on March 18, 2020)
Today we have $470.00 for the community if you are struggling and need some food- please give us a call, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, we can process your order and no one will know – In addition we have 20 free meals available, we are doing all we can and are blown away with the deepest heartfelt thanks from the community – We offer a safe space, no judgement with open-hearted love – Call (206) 855-5051

Bainbridge Prepares also has a great website for needs, giving, and volunteering, click here for details.

Nextdoor: a social networking site for you and your neighbors – this is a fantastic site to stay connected with our island neighbors, and neighbors in the greater Kitsap community. Many amazing people have posted their desire to help out with shopping, picking up  medicines, and just about anything else you need if you’re unable to get out of the house, or if you’d like to offer assistance to your community (it’s also a great resource in general). You can sign up for free, pick a specific neighborhood to be part of, or the entire island and Kitsap county. To create an account (which only takes a few minutes), click here:–wa/

City of Bainbridge Island has an app (COBI) you can sign up for, which sends text messages to your cell phone with updates on the current virus situation, as well as general updates on traffic, city business, etc., to sign up, click here:

Town and Country Market is doing an amazing job of making sure the store is properly cleaned and stocked, they have altered business hours though, so be sure to check updates on their website for information:

Safeway is also doing a wonderful job, and according to their website, they are hiring for immediate help, click here for details:

Stay safe and healthy everyone!




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