PacWesty—Have Sweet Ride, Will Travel!

Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Peninsula are one of the most scenic and wildly diverse landscapes on the planet, ranging from beachcombing, bird watching, surfing, cycling, fly fishing, wine tasting, hiking, kayaking, boating and if you’re lucky, whale watching. What better way to explore, than with a fully outfitted PacWesty camper!

It all began simply enough, with the desire to experience Washington State’s Columbia River Gorge in a VW Camper Van, however, it turned out to be anything but simple as PacWesty owner, Greg, soon discovered. The local demand for these wonderfully versatile vans was overwhelming and everything was sold out. The solution? Buy your own van—so Greg did. It was then that inspiration hit, why not start his own VW Camper Van rental company? Greg rented a space with a loft office, one vehicle lift and a basement to store rental gear. From there, he hired a technician and an office assistant. A few more vans were purchased and the rental company was off the ground. Soon after, they began doing service and restoration work on VW’s outside of their own fleet.

Colorful, like the vans they send out and about, PacWesty is now made up of a group of unique and diverse people with a strong desire to share their love and respect of the great Pacific Northwest with others.

“Caring, connecting, creating and contributing—all with a sense of meaning & joy.”

These core values are reflected in both the maintenance and repair side of the business, as well as the rental side. The fleet is made up exclusively of VW vans, maintained by ASE Certified technicians that specialize in keeping them running smoothly and safely. The Vanagons are reliable and environmentally-friendly vehicles, making them perfect for exploring the PNW.

The fleet is comprised of the Westfalia “camper” and the “weekender” units. The campers can sleep up to four people, and consist of the familiar pop-top, and a propane stove, sink, fold-down bench/bunk, and upper bunk (note: this configuration is perfect for a family of four with small children, but can be a little tight for four adults). The weekenders also have the pop-top and the fold-down bench/bunk, as well as a cabinet for storage, but are a bit simpler and do not include the stove and sink, making them lighter and roomier. Both Vanagons are unique, and regardless of which one you choose, PacWesty will outfit your unit with a portable stove, cooler and table, as well as all the essentials you need. To find out what’s included for two adults, click here.

PacWesty is proud to be part of the incredibly diverse and inclusive community that is the Olympic Peninsula. Connecting you with information on ferry service, lodging, guide services, equipment rentals, ski-slopes, galleries, museums, cultural centers, campgrounds, wonderful restaurants and cafes, as well as a variety of shops for your every need, is right there with getting you on the road. For more information about these services, visit their “Romp” page, by clicking here.

So, grab the kids, some friends and the dog and get out and about in style! Visit their “How it Works” page to learn more, and their “Reservations” page to get going!

***Photographs provided by PacWesty. Photographers in order of appearance: @Outdoorsy(and)@jjfenton(5); @noraemilyphoto(9); @stuckwithpins(2); @fionamargo(and)@wanatlparkfund(2); @Scott_Kranz(1); @Outdoorsy(and)@jjfenton(6); @noraemilyphoto(18)

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