ReFashion Trashion Show 2022 “Fashion in the Forest” Coming to IslandWood on June 12th

ReFashion Trashion Poster 2022The Bainbridge Island ReFashion Trashion Show is an entertaining fashion show, sponsored by Bainbridge Island Zero Waste, an initiative of Sustainable Bainbridge. The Show features a variety of outrageously creative garments made from an assortment of recycled materials, such as repurposed clothes, food wrappers, magazines/periodicals, discarded books/manuals, plastic and bubble wrap, plastic utensils and drink containers, obsolete electric/computer cables…honestly, if people throw it out, the ReFashion Trashion artists are probably creating something unusual with it. The Show focuses on upcycling and reusing textiles to encourage changes in human behavior that lead to the sustainable use of our world’s resources.

The 6th annual (except for 2020) Bainbridge Island ReFashion Trashion Show, “Fashion in the Forest” will take place on Sunday, June 12th, 2022 from 1-4 PM at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island.

Trashion Baeven Hoit 2019Designers and their models will be located throughout the IslandWood trails, allowing attendees to walk the trails, visit with the artists and view the garments at various covered stations.

Entries are vetted for their applicability to the mission of the Show. Judges review the designs, materials and creativity of each entry, awarding cash prizes in various categories. This year, categories include Upcycled Ready-to-Wear, Stage-ready Theatrical Wear and Mystery Boxes. The Call to Artists concluded on May 1st.

Cash sponsors for this year’s show are Bainbridge Disposal, HeyDay Fund, Clark Construction, Jenn Herrmann of Windermere, Bay Hay and Feed, A Kitchen That Works, 2atara Design+Construction, and the City of Bainbridge Island.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for students. To purchase tickets, go to

Sustainable Bainbridge logoA little history: In 2005, a group of islanders got together to discuss the needs of sustainability on Bainbridge Island, and in 2006 Sustainable Bainbridge was formed. Their goals ranged from preserving our delicate environment, waterways and shorelines to engaging the community, businesses and local government in creating economic and social programs that will make Bainbridge Island a healthy and sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy.

Sustainable Bainbridge has since created a variety of programs and initiatives, ranging from exploration and monitoring of our beaches and near-shore areas with trained naturalists, creating a lighter footprint by supporting and sustaining our pedestrian walking paths, trails, sidewalks, and bike paths, eradicating noxious and invasive weeds, such as the Scotch Broom plant, promoting local food use and much, much more (click here for more details on these programs).

Zero Waste BI logoOne such initiative is Bainbridge Island Zero Waste, a program that encourages the reduction of waste produced by our community through recycling, composting, disposal of special recyclables (Styrofoam, CDs, plastic film, etc.) and the community re-use of items you no longer want or need, but may appeal to others (several businesses around the island will take those items for re-use, click here for a list). In addition to The Bainbridge Island ReFashion Trashion Show, they sponsor a variety of events throughout the year.

For more information about this year’s show and past shows, go to

*Images and information provided by Dawn Snider

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