Tag: Bainbridge Island Native Food Forest on Charles Place Road

Johnson Farm – More than 100 years of agricultural heritage and community dedication

Pumphouse at Johnson FarmTucked away on Twin Ponds Road, just off of Fletcher Bay Road, you’ll find Johnson Farm, one of Bainbridge’s oldest and most historic working farms. The original 80-acre claim was established in 1888 by Andrew Johnson on the sandy and …

The Bainbridge Island Native Food Forest – Open and Free to All – Join Friends of the Farms and their partners for the May Day 2022 work party!

Bainbridge Food Forest logoThe Bainbridge Island Native Food Forest is located on 13-acres of land at the end of Charles Place NE (off of NE Lovgreen Road). Once part of the Suyematsu family farmstead, where strawberries were grown, it was eventually sold and …

Friends of the Farms – Commitment to Farmland Protection and Creating a Locally Focused Food System

Friends of the Farms logoLast month The Island Wanderer Blog did a feature on Bay Hay and Feed, and while there, I had the pleasure of meeting one of their employees, Tami Meader, who also happens to be on the board of Friends

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