Tag: Breathtaking – How One Family Cycled Around the World for Clean Air and Asthma

From Squeaky Wheels: Women Don’t Cycle? Not These Ladies. Plus the Upcoming Bike for Pie

Squeaky Wheels - Woman Don't Cycle film image 2023Squeaky Wheels, the island’s bicycle-advocacy group, is hosting a free screening of the critically acclaimed documentary “Women Don’t Cycle.”

“This thought-provoking film sheds light on the barriers faced by women in the world of cycling, exploring the societal and …

How One Bainbridge Family Biked the Globe in Support of Asthma

For most people, biking around the island on any given day can be challenging enough. But for Paula Holmes-Eber and Lorenz Eber that ride’s a piece of cake. Try biking around the world!

Bike for Breath us-capitol-about-bike-for-breathThe Bainbridge couple, along with their then …

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