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Brendan McGill’s Latest Bainbridge Restaurant – Seabird – Grabs National Attention

It’s not unusual when one of our island restaurants or wineries earns a kudos or two from our local and regional press. Greg Atkinson’s Marche comes to mind, along with Eleven Winery and Bruciato in downtown Winslow.

Brenddan+McGill+2019+courtesy of www.hitchcockrestaurant.comSeabird Winslow Way Bainbridge Island image by BPMillmoreBut now there …

Amelia Wynn Winery Bistro – The Love of Fine Wine and Fine Food

Paul Bianchi was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, where his family heritage dates back to 1797. He loved the (then) small hamlet, however as the town grew, Paul felt he needed a change. In 1972, he moved to …

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