Tag: Manhattan Short Film Festival 2021

Good News, Bad News for Followers of the Manhattan Shorts (You can watch them Online!)

Bainbridge Island film buffs: there is  good news and bad news surrounding the completion of this year’s Manhattan Shorts’ film festival.

First, the bad news: There are no winners. Boo hoo. But don’t fret for too long. That injustice will …

Audiences Exposed to Another Great Offering of Films at Manhattan Shorts

If you attended the Manhattan Shorts Film Festival this past weekend at BIMA (Bainbridge Island Museum of Art), you were once again exposed to some very clever foreign and domestic 10-to-15 minute short films.

Per usual, audience members voted on

Something for Everyone in this year’s Manhattan Short(s) Film Festival

Let’s face it, we’re all used to – or dare I say – trained to, watch long films that we either view at our favorite movie theater, or stream online into our television sets at home.

But short films can …

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