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New City Manager Blair King is Finding His Way and Getting Things Done!

Blair King Bainbridge Island City Manager For Bainbridge Island City Manager Blair King local governance is every thing.

“A city provides an array of services and is the closest (governmental entity) to the public,” he says unabashedly. “What drives me crazy is that people think the …

How One Bainbridge Family Biked the Globe in Support of Asthma

For most people, biking around the island on any given day can be challenging enough. But for Paula Holmes-Eber and Lorenz Eber that ride’s a piece of cake. Try biking around the world!

Bike for Breath us-capitol-about-bike-for-breathThe Bainbridge couple, along with their then …

Entrepreneur Graeme Esarey’s Quest to Make Sustainable Outdoor Equipment is Impressive!

Graeme Esarey, owner and founder of IgnikGraeme Esarey, owner and founder of Ignik, a Bainbridge Island-based sustainable outdoor heating products maker, could be a character in a novel.

Moby Dick comes to mind, with a little bit of Around the World in 80 Days thrown …

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