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The Kindred Spirit Mailbox Project is Uniquely Bainbridge!

For infamous “Mailbox Lady”, Denise Stoughton, discovering the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Bird Island in North Carolina was a magical experience, one she immediately wanted to share with Bainbridge Island.

Denise began her “mailboxing” quest last year after she …

Catching up with the “Mailbox Lady” – Denise Stoughton on her Uniquely Bainbridge Project

Denise StoughtonLast June we published an article on a new Facebook Group called Uniquely Bainbridge/Fabulous Mailboxes and Other Interesting Totems, which was created by interior designer, artist and writer, Denise Stoughton.

A little background on Denise’s fascination with mailboxes: …

Uniquely Bainbridge – Our Curiously Creative Mailboxes

We’ve all seen them, incredibly creative, often whimsical, always fun – the mailboxes of Bainbridge Island, and as a writer and lover of this artistic community, I’ve always thought it would be great fun to write about them. Clearly, I …

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