The Lost Valley: Join the Discussion on a New Trail Proposal

The Lost Valley sounds like it could be the title of a black and white movie made in the 1920s or ’30s (imagine King Kong emerging from the fog with Fay Raye in his left hand), or perhaps a poem by Walt Whitman or Rudyard Kipling.

But alas, the name refers to a hidden gem of a trail, known mostly to avid local hikers that sits not too far from the “Head of the Bay” – the intersection of Wyatt Way, Eagle Harbor Drive and Bucklin Hill Road.  On Monday November 15, the City of Bainbridge Island will hold a public meeting  from 5 to 6 p.m. on Zoom [] to get community input on a city proposal to construct trails within the area, affectionately called The Lost Valley.

The valley is a large wooded area that contains much of Cooper Creek.  I’ve hiked it a few times, and the area has some beautiful old cedar trees and some varied terrain. Right now, it is rather difficult to access, so the city’s effort will make it easier for people to enjoy this special place.  The city is partnering with the BI Metro Park & Recreation District and the BI Parks Foundation to plan nonmotorized connections from Fletcher Bay Road to Carmella Lane and Eagle Harbor Road.

This connection has appeared in transportation plans for years, including the current Island-wide Transportation Plan, and would connect several neighborhoods surrounding the Lost Valley.

Learn more about the project and share your feedback on the Engage Bainbridge page.

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