Welcome to The Treehouse Café!

Located in historic Lynwood Center on the south end of Bainbridge Island, The Treehouse Café is a cornucopia of food, drink, entertainment, community involvement and so much more. Arnie Sturham is the owner of the café and we spent a few minutes chatting about it. Arnie was born and raised on the island, he moved away for a bit to pursue a career in the hotel/restaurant industry, when he moved back to the island, it just seemed natural to start his own business, and in 2003, the Treehouse Café was born. Although, the café was only a tiny coffee shop in the beginning, Arnie had a vision to create a “south end gathering place” for the island, and from that vision, the café evolved and expanded into the pizzeria/pub it is today.

The menu is eclectic and rich with wonderful treats, ranging from fresh baked pastries, delightful appetizers, street style tacos, soups and salads (I love Arnie’s Cobb and the Spinach Salad), pasta dishes, a kids menu and a variety of sandwiches (my favorite so far is the BLT – pesto mayo, applewood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, avocado – delicious!)…And then there’s the pizza, voted “Bainbridge’s Best” – they currently offer 14 specialty pizzas and “build your own” pizzas with over 25 options of toppings, which include several different types of cheeses and sauces. All their menu items are dine-in or take-out.

Now that you’re good and hungry, let’s talk entertainment and adult beverages. The café is both a pizzeria and pub (kid friendly on the pizzeria side, 21 and over on the pub side). The pub offers a variety of import and craft beers on draft and unique, yet affordable wines, but that’s not all! The Treehouse has been hosting live music from world class entertainers traveling through the Northwest for almost 10 years (check here for their calendar of music events). If live music isn’t your thing, stop by for a beer or a glass of wine and play a bit of pool or darts on one of the two billiard tables or steel-tip dart boards. However, maybe you’re looking for more, how about Books on Tap, which is held the first Wednesday of each month (21 and over), its literary pub trivia and team and word games (sponsored by the Kitsap Regional Library, book lists can be found at the Bainbridge Public Library or online at the KRL website).

You’re probably thinking at this point: Wow – this place has it all! And they do – but that doesn’t keep them from sharing the wealth and supporting the community in a big way. The Treehouse supports, contributes, and/or participates in over 25 different community organizations on and off the island. In addition, they display local artwork throughout the café, and rotate shows every two months (the artwork can be purchased at the café or directly from the artist, all proceeds go to the artist).

They’re also a presenting sponsor for the upcoming Taste of Lynwood block party “The Biggest Block Party and Neighborhood Celebration on Bainbridge Island”, held Saturday, September 15th from 11a.m. to 8p.m. (in fact, Arnie is the founder of the block party). Being a relatively new resident of the island, this will be the first year I attend and I’m pretty excited about it (so excited, I invited several friends from out of state to come visit for the party). The block party will include live music, dancing, food, drink and fun. Please visit their website for details about all the wonderful sponsors, vendors, and fun events going on.

Whether you live on the island, in a nearby community or just visiting, The Treehouse Café is a definite must!

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