A Happy Goodbye…Scrappy Art Lab is closing its doors…Special Art & Build (Saturday, December 17th) and Art Kits To-Go on shelves.

Scrappy Art Lab large canvas by Cory Bennett AndersonHaving spent several years teaching preschool and facilitating after school activities and summer camps, Rachel Knudson decided to launch her own creative reuse art studio in Berkeley, CA in 2011 (Sticky Art Lab). She left it behind to move to Bainbridge in 2015, where she continued to pursue her own creative endeavors. As she told me, “I am a teacher, facilitator, and collaborator…I am a lifetime illustrator and dabbler in many forms of art, big format acrylic painting being one of my favorites. I love digging in the dirt and planting things, cooking with the family, and sharing stories and ideas.” However, it was her love of working with children and families that made her realize the vision she created in Berkeley could easily expand to Bainbridge.

In 2019, Rachel opened the doors of Scrappy Art Lab on Bjune Drive. Scrappy collected material donations from the community to reuse in the projects. The creative “reuse” art studio quickly became a fun spot for children and families to learn, create art, promote playfulness, and experiment with an emphasis on doing more with less.

Teddy Bear designed and sewn by Paxton, 5Sadly, Scrappy’s doors are closing at the end of January 2023 due to the lease being up and the commercial space being sold. Rachel now seeks to be a part of a team, and find more collaborations. “So, I will go through a time of reflection, rebranding, reworking until something useful, unique, and fun bubbles up. One thing I have realized through the hardship of the pandemic and climbing out of it: people need slow, creative time and space to process events, especially children,” Rachel explained. “We need connection to tangible materials, to nature; We need to work with our hands, to play and explore, to innovate, and to gather in community; We need more opportunities to learn from each other, rely on one another, in order to build resiliency and goodwill. We need this now more than ever.”

Rachel says she does not sit still for long. She will be advising on curriculum and programming with the Kids Discovery Museum (KiDiMu), and working to expand their older kids’ programs, plus cameos in their new Maker Space and Art Studio. She’s also involved in forming a new community Creative Reuse space on the island, along with ReFashion Bainbridge, and even joining in on youth and art programs on a neighboring farm!

It’s a “Happy Goodbye” Rachel said. “Many years ago, as a preschool teacher, our school celebrated ‘Happy Goodbyes’. I have always loved this, since it marks a closure, but also gives hope for what is to come. That’s how I feel about closing Scrappy’s doors, and staying excited for the projects that are soon to come.”


Join us Scrappy Art Lab for their last Family Art & Build Workshop! Everyone is welcome; families with kids (ages 3 and up) ready to explore some cool project ideas; a small group of adults who need a crafting meet up; a (grand)parent and child pair looking for special together time – Scrappy Art Lab’s last Art & Build is for you!

Book your hour online – click here (or stay a little longer) or walk-in.

$10/person (elders $5/person)
$20 parent child pair
$25 family (up to 4, then $5 extra per person)
Pay at the door, or use your discount punch cards on file. Last chance!

ART KITS on the shelves!

SATURDAY, DEC 17th, 10am- 4pm
MON- WED, DEC 19th – 21st, 2pm- 5pm

Art Kits on Shelves Scrappy Art LabRachel has packed some of her favorite reuse projects into recyclable, re-packable to-go boxes. The Art Kits come with guide sheets and materials for your project, $5-$15. You are encouraged to add more from home, stay inspired, build onto the ideas, and have fun with Reuse this holiday season!

OR, maybe you are outfitting your own mini “Scrappy Studio” at home and need some supplies? Take this chance to fill a little bag full of exciting art & build materials for cheap, and stock up for the holidays. Also, look forward to a ‘Craft Grab’ in January to help clear the shelves. See you soon!

“Many thanks for your support of Scrappy programs through these three and a half years on Bjune Drive. I will be celebrating all the inspiring work of everyone who graced the shop these last years. I celebrate all that we built with reuse and natural materials, and that we could tread a little lighter on the planet because of it. A cheer for this woman-owned small green business! A cheer for what is to come in 2023!” Rachel Knudson

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