Are You a Manhattan Short Fan? It’s That Time of Year Again to Watch the Online Film Festival and Make Your Pick

Manhattan Short Online Logo courtesy of Manhattan Short websiteBainbridge film fans love the Manhattan Short’s “live” festival that sells out nearly every September at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.  During the winter months, the worldwide organization holds its annual on-line film festival from now until Midnight February 24.

According to Tj Faddis, our self-proclaimed (and deservedly so) local Movie Maven, this year’s collection contains six curated films from around the world, and you get to vote for your favorite film. “This is NOT the collection we showed this past September,” Faddis emphasized.  Two films from this series are Oscar nominated 95 SENSES and INVINCIBLE. “Both are strong enough to win in March,” she said. “Another film, WILD SUMMON, was submitted after our selections were already cast for the 2023 in-house festival, and I’m very pleased that you have the opportunity to see it here.  Plus – and this is a first – we have a returning short, THE TREATMENT. This has been the #1 most requested film for an encore presentation… It won First Prize that year from the 2022 collection.”

A ticket for one viewing this year’s online collection is $10 and you can purchase here: “Invite someone over to share Manhattan Shorts with you!” urges Faddis. “Invite the neighborhood!  Just remember, you can only view this collection on-line, and you get one vote per viewing. This collection runs about 99 minutes, and while it is probably rated PG-13, some serious themes are included.”

2024 Winter Online Manhattan Short FestivalHere’s the line-up:

BIENVENIDOS A LOS ANGELES (USA) – So timely and inspired by true events, this is an affecting look at the immigration standing in the U.S. that puts a very human face on the situation.

ALL CHOKED UP (USA) – Behold an empowered woman!

INVINCIBLE (Canada) – Inspired by a true story, we encounter a young man who is on a desperate quest.  From the opening shot, teenage actor Leokim Beaumier-Lepine is riveting in his first-ever acting role.  Academy Award Nominated – Best Live Action Short

THE TREATMENT (Spain) – A doctor claims to have found a sure-cure for baldness… there’s just one teeny catch…

95 SENSES (USA) – What appears to be a discourse about the body’s senses by a backwoods older man is a surprisingly deeper dive than we expect.  Actor Tim Blake Nelson provides the voice; Jerusha & Jared Hess (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) direct.  Academy Award Nominated – Best Animated Short

WILD SUMMON (UK) – An animated short about the dramatic life cycle of wild salmon.  Fascinating and a little unsettling…

If you’d like to lobby the members of the Academy of Motions Pictures about which of the two films (INVINCIBLE or 95 SENSES) deserve the Oscar, click here to be part of the campaign: .

You could win $1,000!

“And last but not least… SAVE THE DATES:  September 27, 28 and 29 where we will host the in-house 27th Annual Manhattan Short Festival at BIMA.”

*Images courtesy of the Manhattan Short website.

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