“Courage in Journalism” a collaborative discussion on Bainbridge Island’s History through Journalism

Update: To view the Zoom event, click here: https://youtu.be/d4OqU0R9kZ8

Bainbridge Island has a long history of courage through journalism. Our news outlets and renowned writers have time and again taken a stand when no one else would, defending truth and diversity.

Courage-in-Journalism-courtesy of the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum“Courage in Journalism” a Zoom event, will be hosted by the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum (BIHM)  in collaboration with Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB) and the Bainbridge Branch of the Kitsap Regional Library (BPL). I asked Inez Maubane Jones, Executive Director of AHB to tell us more about the event:

What makes Bainbridge Island unique?  The trails, the quaint stores, the large concentration of artists, the history?  In thinking about this question, there is one thread that stands out—courage in journalism.  The Bainbridge Island Review has played a pivotal, undaunted role in voicing the truth during very trying times.  Never wavering, never varnishing the truth.  Speaking out against Japanese exclusion, against the infiltration of white supremacy on the island.  Are we still doing that today?  Is this island’s voice still undeterred in the face of issues related to Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory?  Has it changed?  If so, how?

I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Moskin, co-author of the seminal work on cultural tourism for the Clinton administration (among other things).  While drinking coffee at T&C we started discussing this idea.  Bainbridge Island’s story is distinctive in its humanities narrative and it continually needs to be told.  The Review, i.e., journalism, was the epitome of this rich history.  So, we thought a panel discussion would be great. 

With that idea in mind, I got in touch with our trusted partners, Katy Curtis (BI Historical Museum, Education Outreach Manager) and John Fossett (BI Library, Adult Services Librarian).  We had put together a program with the Senior Center showcasing Joel Sackett’s “Vanishing Bainbridge” work in Feb 2021.  And their History at the Library series was a perfect fit.  True to their nature, they were on board immediately.  Planning began in Nov 2021. 

I then contacted Robin Hunt, former judge of the Washington Court of Appeals, Division II.  She was critical in providing the history of the Bainbridge Island Review – the role of the Woodwards and Becky Fox Marshall.  She’s been a valued advisor.

Katy Curtis was instrumental in inviting and finalizing Mary Woodward’s participation and John Fossett helped us secure Steve Powell.

With this strong collaborative team, our panel took shape: Mary Woodward (Japanese exclusion and the critical role her parents played); Becky Fox Marshall (the editor of the Review at the time when white supremacists tried to gain traction); and Steve Powell (the current editor of the Review).  To round out this incredible panel, Linda Kramer Jenning—seasoned journalist who has interviewed the likes of Colin Powell is an AHB board member—agreed to be our moderator.

With this stellar panel, we hope to unpack the courage it takes to disseminate the truth in face of anger, resistance, and fear.

The event takes place on March 23rd at 7pm on Zoom, click here for the Zoom link.  

About the Organizers and Panelists:

Inez Maubane Jones, Executive Director AHBInez Maubane Jones, Executive Director of Arts & Humanities Bainbridge was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and lived in Hong Kong for seven years before coming to Bainbridge Island. She is a contributing writer for Toyo Keizai (Tokyo Business Today) where she covers social, tech and educational trends related to parenting. She is author of a children’s book series, The Contest and has given talks in Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United States. In 2001, she co-founded a communications company, MCG Communications, and headed a national initiative for the Vega School of Brand Leadership in South Africa. Inez was elected to the first international Student Body President at Principia College where she earned a BA in Communications. She also holds a Master of Journalism from Temple University.

Katy Curtis, Education Outreach Manager, BIHMKaty Curtis, Education Outreach Manager at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum has spent a large part of her career training staff and students in communication skills and diversity awareness in non-profit and public organizations including UC Berkeley. She has a passion for fostering cross-cultural knowledge and understanding, which is well reflected in her work for the museum facilitating history education programs and building community outreach partnerships with teachers, local schools, and cultural organizations. She holds a BA from Humboldt University, and is a native islander. After years of living in Northern California, she returned here with her husband Brad Schabert, and has been at BIHM since 2007.

John Fossett, Adult Services Library-Bainbridge Public LibraryJohn Fossett, Adult Services Librarian, is a long-time Pacific Northwest resident, and islander since 1996. He has been an active participant in the community, including volunteer work for the Bainbridge Island Little League, ski trips for BI Parks & recreation district, book groups through Eagle Harbor Book Company and Waterfront Reader’s Theater and has been heavily involved with AHB, serving on the board for a term. He also served as trustee for Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers. John received a BS in Nautical Science from the Maine Maritime Academy and later pursued a long-time dream, by receiving a degree in Library Science through the University of Washington. He began his career with the Kitsap Regional Library, Sylvan Branch in 2002, and has served in his current position at BPL since 2014.

Steve Powell, Editor of the Bainbridge Island Review, North Kitsap Harald and Kingston Community NewsSteve Powell is editor of the Bainbridge Island Review, North Kitsap Herald and Kingston Community News. After growing up in Puyallup, he graduated in 1979 from Washington State University. His almost 40-year career in journalism has taken him to mostly daily newspapers all along the West Coast. He’s been on weeklies the past eight years and has won more Washington Newspaper Publisher Association awards than anyone else during that time. At age 52, he earned his master’s degree in education from PLU and taught for three years. He is the current president of the WNPA board of directors, Steve loves most sports and music, and with his wife, they have a combined five kids and eight grandchildren.

Linda Kramer Jenning, veteran journalist and panel moderatorLinda Kramer Jenning began her journalism career with the Associated Press in San Francisco and later worked as AP’s Oregon political correspondent and at KOIN-TV before moving to Washington, DC. In DC she taught journalism at Georgetown University and was an editor for Glamour and People magazines. A former president of the Journalism & Women Symposium, she retired to Bainbridge in 2017 and continues to freelance for Yes! magazine and PostAlley.org. She is on the boards of Arts & Humanities Bainbridge and Folio, The Seattle Athenaeum. She has a bachelor’s degree from Smith College and master’s from John Hopkins University.

Judge J. Robin HuntJudge J. Robin Hunt graduated from Smith College and obtained her law degree from Wayne State University Law School. She has clerked for the Detroit public defender, working on both trials and appeals and has practiced in Fairbanks, Alaska and Seattle. Judge Hunt was a King County Deputy Prosecutor for seven and a half years, and prosecuted all types of crimes in the trial courts, from DUI to capital murder. As senior deputy, she created a specialized appellate unit, arguing numerous cases in state and federal appellate courts. Thereafter, Judge Hunt served as Bainbridge Island Municipal Court Judge Pro Tem (1982-1993) and Hearing Examiner (1985-1996). She was elected to the Court of Appeals in November 1996 and took office in January 1997, thereby creating the first all-female panel in Division Two. She was reelected in 2002 and 2008, and was Chief Judge of Division Two from 2002–2004. Judge Hunt retired in September 2014. She currently lives in Bainbridge Island.

Becky Fox MarshallBecky Fox Marshall spent 25 years in daily and community newspapers as a reporter, editor, photographer and columnist. Eleven of those years was for Sound Publishing, including serving as editor of the Bainbridge Review and Central Kitsap Reporter, and leading a central copy desk for the group. She left journalism in 2000 for the tech world, writing and managing hotel descriptions for Expedia, before deciding to work closer to home. She recently retired after 14 years with Town & Country Markets managing their website and social media.

Mary Woodward, local history and authorMary Woodward’s debut book In Defense of Our Neighbors: The Walt and Milly Woodward Story (2008) is a deeply personal account of the lives of the author’s parents Walt and Milly Woodward. The book is also an important record of both local and American history. The Woodwards, owners and editors of the Bainbridge Island Review, were the first newspaper publishers on the West Coast to condemn the internment of Bainbridge Islanders of Japanese ancestry during WWII. With courage and perseverance, the couple – Walt, a Seattle Times reporter and Milly, a librarian and teacher – turned their newspaper into a voice for constitutional and human rights. More than half a century later, their daughter Mary tells their story. Digging through family archives and working closely with members of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American community, Woodward’s book presents a true historical account and is nothing short of inspiring.

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