Don’t Miss Out on the City Council Candidates Forum this Friday!

Whether you’re an avid watcher of Bainbridge politics, City Hall and the City Council, or just a causal observer of the proceedings, knowing where the candidates stand on the issues of the day is paramount to representative democracy.

That’s why we encourage you to consider attending, or streaming into this Friday’s (October 8th) City Council Candidates Forum, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. at the Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center. You can  do so in-person at 370 Brien Drive S.E. However, to do so, you must pre-register (206-842-1515) and show proof you have been vaccinated and are willing to wear a mask while in attendance.

You can also catch the proceedings Online at:

Candidates participating include: North Ward, District 2: Brenda Fantroy-Johnson v. Chris Smith; North Ward, District 7: Joe Deets v. Ron Peltier; South Ward, District 3: Jon Quitslund v. Kent Scott; Central Ward, District 5: Clarence Moriwaki v. Rasham Nassar.  Fantroy-Johnson, Deets and Nassar are incumbents.

Candidates will be asked a series of questions presented by a moderator, and, if time permits, the audience will be able to ask follow-up questions as well.

While the city doesn’t oversee schools, parks or the fire department – which are separate taxing districts on Bainbridge Island – it does govern the police department and a whole host of issues related to the island’s physical infrastructure, public policies and political stances.

So whether you like the direction the city is moving in or not, this is your opportunity to get an unvarnished perspective of the candidates and their views. You can also retrieve their stands on the issues and why they are choosing to run for office in the Kitsap County Voters


Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center logoThe forum is co-sponsored by BICSC and the Bainbridge Review newspaper.



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