Friends of the Farms: reHOME Overnight Stay at Morales Farm – Online Auction

Bid to be the first to spend a night in the reHOME Morales Farm tiny homes and help Friends of the Farms raise the funds needed to pay off this groundbreaking project!

Morales Farm sign KDProject reHOME at Morales Farm is the first sustainable tiny home project on Bainbridge Island, built with recycled materials and volunteer labor in partnership with Friends of the Farms, Coates Design, Clark Construction, Inc., and Housing Resources Bainbridge.

Built to provide affordable housing to interns who work on Bainbridge Island farms each year, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the first to stay in the new homes before the interns move in this spring!

Although Friends of the Farms (FotF) raised $145,000 towards the project, an additional $120,000 is needed to complete the project funding – Help them reach their goal!


Enjoy a night in one of the three custom-designed tiny homes at Morales Farm on Bainbridge Island.

Check-in Friday, February 24, 2023 – Settle in, relax, and then stroll over to the original Morales Farmhouse where you’ll be treated to the exceptional culinary talents of FotF Executive Director, Heather Burger, who will prepare a casual dinner. After a good night’s sleep in your cozy getaway, enjoy a continental breakfast (also prepared by Heather), coffee or tea at the farmhouse.

  • Check-in at 4pm (February 24th)
  • Drinks and dinner served at 5pm (February 24th)
  • Continental breakfast served at 9am (February 25th)
  • Check-out at 11am (February 25th)
  • Each house has a small seating area with a view of Morales Farm, two twin beds, one full bathroom (sink, commode, and shower), a kitchenette (sink, small fridge and microwave), and parking for one vehicle. Maximum occupancy: 2 people 

Tiny Homes - Project reHOME Morales Farm Bainbridge Island photographs by David White CohenClick here to visit Yellow Door: Tiny Home #1

Click here to visit Teal Door: Tiny Home #2

Click here to visit Orange Door: Tiny Home #3

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reHOME logoProject reHOME is the brainchild of Matthew Coates, Principal Architect of Coates Architects Design. After witnessing the amount of construction waste generated by his designs and the lack of affordable housing locally and nationwide, he launched the reHOME initiative, whose goals are to build affordable housing using recycled, repurposed and orphaned materials.

At Morales Farm, they built the three new living spaces adjacent to the original farmhouse, which will provide housing for up to two adults per unit, including a unit that’s fully handicap accessible. Each unit consists of two private sleeping areas, a small common area, and a bathroom with a shower. Almost everything was sourced and constructed using recycled or repurposed materials. Firms involved in the reHOME project worked on a pro-bono basis.

Morales Farm Re-Home crewI was fortunate enough to be at Morales Farm, conducting an interview with FotF Executive Director, Heather Burger for my ongoing FotF series in July and met the team while they discussed the status of the project, construction of which was just getting started. In attendance was Marty Sievertsen, Spencer Hicks, and Rachele Turnbull from Clark Construction, Matthew Coates and Kiley Brennan from Coates Design Architects, Tina Gilbert from Housing Resources Bainbridge, and MaryClare Kellett and Heather Burger from FotF.

Rachele Turnbull explained that donations towards the project had been so bountiful that they’d run out of storage space. In addition, as Clark Construction, who is working on the renovations at the new Police Department (old Harrison building), noted that they salvaged items such as insulation, wooden wall paneling, cabinets with sinks and storage, carpet tiles, wood studs and much more. Matthew and Kylie with Coates Design Architects had been working with local plumbers and electricians to obtain the necessary supplies and labor for the project as well. To read our July article, visit: Morales Farm – A remarkable place full of remarkable people! | THE ISLAND WANDERER

Morales Farm ReHome 2 KDAt the open house in December, my co-blogger, Kevin Dwyer was on hand to view the completed “tiny houses”. He noted in his article that more than 60 volunteers contributed their time to building the homes and a long list of local businesses donated material and services to make it happen. Heather Burger and Becca Hanson, chair of FotF were on hand to give tours and acknowledge and thank all the participants who made the reHOME project possible. In addition, scores of locals were in attendance to view this amazing project. To read that article, visit: New Green-Built Homes Will Make Farm Interns More Comfortable | THE ISLAND WANDERER

reHOME Project Team*Information provided by Friends of the Farms / Photo credit to David White Cohen Photography and The Island Wanderer Blog

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