Good News, Bad News for Followers of the Manhattan Shorts (You can watch them Online!)

Bainbridge Island film buffs: there is  good news and bad news surrounding the completion of this year’s Manhattan Shorts’ film festival.

First, the bad news: There are no winners. Boo hoo. But don’t fret for too long. That injustice will rectify itself October 18th, when the organizers back in New York City announce the best film and best actor or actress.

Meanwhile, all thee thespian lovers, there is even more of a silver lining to this silver screen saga.  The 2021 Manhattan Shorts are now being shown virtually through October 17th!  Because not enough people world-wide and not enough Academy Award Voting Members were able to get out and view the shorts in theaters, chief organizer Nick Mason, back in NYC,  made the call to make the next week a virtual “MAN SHORT” experience.

“These are the same 10 films upon which we voted (in September),” said local organizer TJ Faddis.  “So while we have no winners yet, we will on October 18th, because virtual viewers also get a chance to vote!”

Indeed, anyone who missed viewings at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art can now watch them from the comfort (and distraction) of their own homes, Faddis said.  “This is the first time the Manhattan Short Fall Collection has been made this widely available.” To access this year’s 10 films on line, visit: The cost for each viewing is $12.50.

Once on the site, you’ll have two choices:  One button will provide subtitles only on films which are not in English.  The other button will provide English subtitles throughout all 10 films (good for the hearing-impaired and possibly for the short ROUGH**).

** About ROUGH . . . Said Faddis: “I  was remiss in reporting Bainbridge Tallies from our (local) showings.  Somehow I left it off completely.  ROUGH garnered 9 votes, putting it above GANEF, DEATH BY HANDSHAKE, and AURORA.  I double-checked to ensure that I reported ROUGH tallies to Nick Mason and can ensure you that your ROUGH votes are included in the global tally.”

Lastly, added  the Movie Maven, “I’m sure we are all concerned about Fereshta Afshar, the actress from the Afghanistan film BAD OMEN.  The film was shot and depicted life for one woman in Afghanistan before the recent Taliban takeover of the country.  The director of the film is currently in Finland and is in contact with Fereshta.  Right now she is relatively safe in Kabul, but plans are underway to get her out of the country.  The film industry is now dead (in Afghanistan) and her career (and let’s face it, her life) has no further opportunities under Taliban control.  If we get any updates, we’ll share them with you.”

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