Join the artists at ROOST for their Pop-Up Studios this Saturday, June 18th from 11am to 4pm

Roost Pop Up Studio June 2022ROOST is located in the historic Lynwood Center/Pleasant Beach neighborhood and is the home to the Flying Goat Art Studios at ROOST: Patricia Orellana (fine art) and Theresa Killgore’s Peaceful Spring Designs (contemporary jewelry and unique art).

Orellana Studio and Peaceful Spring Designs will be showcasing their work as well as the works of artists Dawn McNamara and Maya Leites

Patricia Orellana Patricia draws inspiration from her interactions with her environment and its people.  Her childhood in Jersey City, NJ and Medellin, Colombia sparked an early passion to be seen and heard as an artist and painter, who hoped to engage in dialogue through her Patricia Orellana June 2022visual imagery.  Painting soothed the challenges of growing up in an urban environment and the pitfalls that can present themselves to many in the Latin community.

She continues on her journey in her work and is driven by conversations with all who seek comfort and beauty in the arts. She is a classically trained artist and graphic artist. Her work is unique in that she varies between abstract and representational.

Theresa Killgore is continually designing new jewelry pieces.  So, each month’s Open Studio will have several necklaces and/or earrings that weren’t available at the previous month’s Open Studio.  They Theresa Killgore June 2022could range from “fancy” with sterling silver/14k gold(filled)/semi-precious stones to “fun” with found objects such as wooden blocks which she found in a toy store in the English Cotswolds or hand-painted seed pods from Australia.

She is constantly seeing new designs in her imagination.  It’s the logic and construction of the pieces, which take the time.  But it’s all a delight for her to create. Her creative spirit and mind keep her young and vibrant. In addition to her BI studio, Theresa’s work is now shown in the Palm Springs Art Museum and Architectural Museum stores.

Dawn McNamara is a Bainbridge Island ceramics artist, who creates colorful, fun and eclectic pieces, “I love making people feel something and/or smile when they look at my pieces.” Her travels have taken her all over the world and one thing she found she could afford to bring home to her three daughters (and were small enough to pack) were egg cups. That started a serious collection and inspired her to Dawn McNamara June 2022make them for her girls and others. “Folks seemed to relate to them and started asking me for a blond one or a guy with glasses, or one that looked like Uncle George!” she said. In addition, she started creating “soap dish” people, “Each one is unique and make me smile!” Her passion is the clay and she never knows for sure what’s coming out until it’s here!

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and shops in Vancouver, B.C., Cortona, Italy, Athens, Georgia, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, and Mission Viejo in California. She is also an active participant in the twice-yearly Bainbridge Island Studio Tours.

Maya Leites was trained as an architect, but decided to dedicate herself to art as she found it to be the most profound and fundamental form of communication. She moved with her family to Bainbridge Island in 2020 from Seattle.

Maya LeitesMaya is also an amateur classical pianist, and her interest in architecture and music sparked her fascination with the human experience in general, and its relationship with the surrounding environment. Having lived in different places around the world provides her with valuable perspective and sensitivity to the diversity around her; all this plays an important role in Maya’s art.

She is always fascinated with the challenges of translating the experience of form, space, time and sound into her paintings. For Maya each painting is a new world of exploration for ideas, concepts, experiences, media and techniques; each painting presenting new intellectual and practical challenges.

Location: 4565 Flying Goat Ave NE Unit B100 and 4566 Flying Goat Ave NE Units C100

The Flying Goat Studios (Orellana Studio and Peaceful Spring Designs) are usually available to the public by appointment only. But from May to September, they’re open to the public one Saturday per month from 11-4.

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