Join the Bainbridge Public Library for the December 2019 First Friday Art Walk, featuring artist Erik Peterson

The Bainbridge Public Library is dedicated to spreading the joy of reading and the discovery of ideas with not just our local community, but visitors from near and afar. In addition, the library is fortunate to house beautiful local works of art both inside and outside the building. Each month the library celebrates a local artist (or artists) with an exhibit, which opens monthly on the Island’s First Friday Art Walk tour, and includes a reception hosted by the featured artist.

Erik Peterson will host a reception opening his exhibit, “Illuminations from the Enteric Nervous System/ Shadow Puppetry from My Intestinal Wall” December 6th, 5-7pm for First Friday Art Walk. 

Growing up on Bainbridge Island, Erik wandered the streets and trails, discovering a quiet serenity in the simple activity of exploring his natural surroundings. When introduced to art via his Bainbridge Island public school education, he realized putting pigment to paper and canvas furthered that serenity, and instilled a way of being that he wanted to be part of. His connection to the natural world had always been stronger than his connection to the cultural world, however with the early introduction to painting and a fascination with the pre-colonial cultures and European traditions of picture making, Erik was able to use the practice of painting as a medium to connect the two through his work.

The passion of painting that was instilled early on was furthered through his educational pursuits, via a Bachelor of Fine Art in both painting and general art at the University of Washington and a Master of Fine Arts/Painting from American University in Washington D.C. In addition, Erik has taught painting and drawing since 2001 at various institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as Maryland, and is currently a drawing instructor at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA). His work has been exhibited at several venues in Seattle, as well as Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, and Washington D.C.

“I am not that different an animal than the one who drew on caves in the south of France, or the one who spent decades painting dusty jars and bottles in his Italian studio, or the one who danced with a loaded brush above the canvas on his upstate NY barn floor.  My work will not be recorded in history books.  But if it ignites a wonder in you, if it somehow corresponds with your own bewildering experience of sorrow, beauty, and rage then it is successful.”

The paintings in this exhibit were created between the years of 2008 and 2012 while Erik lived and worked in Seattle. The largest pieces on display are done in oils and depict narrative scenes of movement and color. In addition, several smaller pieces will be on display from the same period. Wine and light appetizers will be served at the opening reception.

Erick can be contacted directly, via or through is website at

You can view Erik’s exhibit throughout the month of December in the meeting room during regular library hours and on the library website,  You can also listen to a podcast interview with Erik at

As always, thank you for supporting your Bainbridge Public Library and local artists – Linda Meier, art coordinator. If you have interest in exhibiting your work, feel free to contact Linda at

***Library content and images provided by Linda Meier, Bainbridge Public Library


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