Join the Bainbridge Public Library for the December 2023 First Friday Art Walk, featuring “The Rockettes:  Landscape, Plein Air and More”

Library LogoThe Bainbridge Public Library is dedicated to spreading the joy of reading and the discovery of ideas with not just our local community, but with visitors from near and afar. In addition, the library is fortunate to house beautiful local works of art both inside and outside the building. Each month the library celebrates a local artist (or artists) with an exhibit, which opens monthly on the Island’s First Friday Art Walk tour, and includes a reception hosted by the featured artist or artists.

The Bainbridge Public Library is proud to present an exhibit by The Rockettes Artists – Fatima Young, Diana C. Benjamin, Nora Masters, Tannis Moore, Joanne Onorato, Gigi Godfrey, and Wendy Armstrong

The artists will host a “meet and greet” from 5pm-7pm on Friday, December 1st to open their new exhibit, “The Rockettes:  Landscape, Plein Air and More” for First Friday Art Walk


Welcome to a collaborative exhibit of friendship and art. This show features the work of seven women who first met and painted together at Winslow Art Center on Bainbridge Island. In 2020, when COVID-19 restrictions limited their in-person gatherings, they turned to Zoom and weekly prompts to stay connected as a community of artists. Over time, “The Rockettes” have had various paint-outs and exhibitions.

Each artist’s work is a unique expression of their individual journey, showcasing their personal growth and creative style. The hope is that these paintings inspire and delight you, as well as provide you an opportunity to share with your loved ones during the holiday season. Thank you for your support of the arts.

The RockettesTHE ARTISTS:

Fatima Young 
“On location I study nature and simplify it. My goal is always to capture the freshness and rhythm found in majestic landscapes.”

Diana C. Benjamin 
“Just like in my photography, I love capturing moments, movement, tone, and color; always intent on evoking emotion and nostalgia.”

Nora Masters 
“I paint from life, expressing nature as I see and feel capturing that moment in time.”

Tannis Moore 
“My art is inspired by and created in times of personal peace and reflection. Light, strong value contrasts and color are what intrigue and draw my attention.”

Joanne Onorato 
“I paint to explore the beauty of form through the language of paint. I am drawn to light and shadow, creating dramatic space through these natural illuminations”

Gigi Godfrey 
“For me painting is about observing and experimenting. I enjoy discovering nuances in color, pattern, and light. I try to interpret gesture and emotion with the medium to evoke intrigue with the viewer.”

Wendy Armstrong 
“Life is a journey, and I live it with intention that everyday counts. The life of intention encompasses traveling populated and well-known paths as well as breaking new ground and creating one’s own path. It is my own passion to make things that I hope will add to the quality of life of others, as well as my own.”

The  exhibit is available for viewing and sale at the Bainbridge Public Library throughout the month of December. The exhibit will be available during regular library hours.  For more information, please see the library website,

A portion of all sales is donated to the library.

As always, thank you for supporting your Bainbridge Public Library and local artists. If you have interest in exhibiting your work, feel free to contact Linda Meier, art coordinator, at

***Content and images provided by Linda Meier, Bainbridge Public Library

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