Join the Bainbridge Public Library for the February 2024 First Friday Art Walk, featuring artists Barbara Weissman and Jacki Moseley

Library LogoThe Bainbridge Public Library is dedicated to spreading the joy of reading and the discovery of ideas with not just our local community, but with visitors from near and afar. In addition, the library is fortunate to house beautiful local works of art both inside and outside the building. Each month the library celebrates a local artist (or artists) with an exhibit, which opens monthly on the Island’s First Friday Art Walk tour, and includes a reception hosted by the featured artist or artists.

The Bainbridge Public Library is proud to present an exhibit by Barbara Weissman and Jacki Moseley.

Barbara and Jacki will host a “meet and greet” from 5pm-7pm on Friday, February 2nd to open their new exhibit, “Entangled and Entwined: Fiber Composed” for First Friday Art Walk

Barbara Weissman is a Bainbridge Island weaver who has been producing and selling handwoven clothing and accessories for more than 40 years. “I began weaving in the mid-70’s, adding another fiber craft to my repertoire of sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidery,” Barbara said. “I’ll never forget the excitement I felt in Making Cloth – something so ubiquitous that we rarely think of it as an object in itself, rather than the things made of it. Knowing how to create such a basic material opened up infinite possibilities.”

Barbara WeissmanIn 2011, after Barbara’s husband retired and they moved to Bainbridge Island, she began to wonder if she could retire too. “How does a self-employed craftsperson retire? I didn’t want to stop weaving, but I decided I could ‘retire’ from producing hundreds of yards of fabric to turn into dozens of garments, and from travelling to 10-12 craft shows each year,” she explained. “Which meant that I could give up designing for efficient production, and weave whatever I wanted, no matter how long it took.”

Some of Barbara’s first pieces were woven wall-hangings and tapestries, but she never thought of herself as an artist, she considered herself more of a craftsperson. She focused on mastering the craft of weaving, and enjoyed being part of the community of artists and craftsmen selling their creations at Arts and Crafts Fairs. She sold her line of handwoven jackets, vests, and tops at fairs, galleries and boutiques around the country for 35 years.

Barbara had never been interested in dying her own yarn, however, when she was still contemplating retirement, she took a workshop on warp painting with fabric dyes, which she found appealing and enjoyed the process. “It allowed me to play with color in a way I hadn’t been able to with commercial yarns. And now I have jars of paint brushes lined up on the windowsill over my work table. It makes me feel like an artist!”

She continued weaving garments, scarves, and dishtowels and napkins, creating her own color combinations for the next ten years. “The use of color became more and more a focus of my work, and hand-painted one-of-a-kind dishtowels began to seem a bit ridiculous,” she said. “What would happen if I designed something to be framed and hung on the wall? That opens a whole new area of possibilities. This show is only the beginning of the exploration of those possibilities.”

Jacki Moseley creates her art through felt making. With a life-long fiber art background, she currently makes 2D and 3D wall hangings and vessels using wool fiber and/or paper.

Jacki began felting wool in 2012 using a wet-felting technique. Several years later she discovered Joomchi, a contemporary form of an ancient Korean paper-making or paper-felting technique. The processes of creating wet-felted wool and Joomchi are very similar. Both techniques create strong materials with interesting properties that can be used for a variety of uses, including: clothing, furnishings, and, art. “I transform soft wool fibers into strong wool fabric using soap, water and agitation. I use merino wool and other fibers in my wool projects,” she explained. “When making Joomchi, I combine several layers of mulberry paper with water and manipulation. The fibers adhere to each other and a new paper, which is strong, highly texturized, and has qualities similar to cloth or leather, is formed.”

Jacki MoseleyJacki was originally motivated to learn felt-making because it was a new and challenging way for her to work with fiber.  Felt making has allowed her to think creatively and artistically in her projects.

Many things inspire Jacki’s art. She will often see something while going about her day and wonder if she can make it out of wool and/or paper using her felting skills. “Over the years I’ve learned how to combine techniques and materials, and add different kinds of embellishments to my work. I enjoy using strong colors and various surface design techniques to keep my projects interesting, unique and fun. I find that something wonderful, or unexpected happens almost every time I make something new.”

Jacki has shown her art in Washington since she and her husband moved to Bainbridge Island in 2016. She just finished a two year contract as a Showcase Artist at Northwind Arts in Port Townsend, and is currently showing her art at Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton, and, Gallery 110 in SeattleHer other juried shows include: Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA), Edmonds Art Festival, Anacortes Arts Festival, Tieton 10x10x10, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (BAC), and Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN).

The  exhibit is available for viewing and sale at the Bainbridge Public Library throughout the month of  February. The exhibit will be available during regular library hours.  For more information, please see the library website,

A portion of all sales is donated to the library.

As always, thank you for supporting your Bainbridge Public Library and local artists. If you have interest in exhibiting your work, feel free to contact Linda Meier, art coordinator, at

***Content and images provided by Linda Meier, Bainbridge Public Library, Barbara Weissman and Jacki Moseley

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