Looking for a Wonderful Equestrian Property? Wacky Nut Farm is on the Selling Block

Bainbridge Island is known for its beautiful shorelines and vistas of Downtown Seattle, Mount Rainier (when the mountain is out!), the Cascades and, of course, the Olympic Mountains to the west. We also have a reputation for stunning homes, incredible parks and trails, and pricey real estate.

What people might not realize is that the island is home to some unique equestrian properties. Think Countryman Stables, Barnabee Farms and Cottingham’s. There are others on the island and throughout Kitsap County that catch the eye as well, but one of the most majestic may be the Wacky Nut Farm, situated just above Blakely Harbor on the island’s south end.

The farm, originally built in 2001, is on the selling block for a cool $9.8 million.

Tucked away on a private 20-acre spread, a mere gallop or two away from the Prayer Wheel and the Labyrinth Mosaic – both situated on the Halls Hill Lookout – Wacky Nut Farm is a combination equestrian center, single-family home, guesthouse, working art studio and community garden.

“It’s a fabulous piece of property,” says Ty Evans, the Windermere Real Estate broker, who has listed the farm. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime equestrian opportunity.” Evans says the “passion” of the previous owner was riding horses, so, “they decided to build.”

You won’t find too many properties of this ilk on Bainbridge Island. “As you enter the gates of the farm, located at 10821 NE Wacky Nut Way, a sense of peace and tranquility envelops you,” Evans points out in her sales literature. “This exceptional property was designed (with) the highest level of care and riding.”

Indeed, among it’s amazing features, is a horse barn/stable that includes 15 stalls with sand turnouts, heated bath stalls, and nearby pastures with all-day sun. There’s also an outdoor arena, plus a stunning 16,320 square foot indoor arena with viewing area, that begs the question, “Are we in Kentucky Blue Grass country?”

The barn boasts a studio for yoga classes and offers up other amenities. Wacky Nut’s other main attraction is a 6, 200 square foot home with three-bedrooms, a private office, and a charming three-bedroom guesthouse with working art studio.

One of the property’s more all-inclusive features is a community garden with its own greenhouse and raised beds. Since the get go, “there was always an idea to have some sort of community gathering place,” says Stella Ley, who’s the business manager of the property.

Ley’s partner, Len Beil,  oversees the community garden, which has become a big hit among neighbors in the south end. There are some 50 families who regularly participate and support the community garden during the growing season.

“It turns out, it’s been a real focal point,” says Ley, noting that Wacky Nut Community Garden has 600 followers on Instagram.

So where did the name Wacky Nut come from? Ley says that when the original owner of the property went to the city to get a permit to cut in the road, they asked him what he wanted to name it. “He had his granddaughter along (with him),” Ley says, “and he said, ‘how about Wacky Nut,’ since he called her his little Wacky Nut.”

To date, Ley says there have been no offers to buy the signature property. She says she expects interest to pick up once the weather improves. Take a tour of Wacky Nut Farm by visiting: https://wackynutfarm.com/

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