Love Watching Movies? Check out the 2022 Manhattan Short Film Festival at BIMA

New_Logo_MANHATTAN-SHORT 2022Manhattan Short image courtesy of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art 2022They’re back! The Manhattan Short Film Festival is celebrating its 25th year with 10 entertaining, and dare we say – engrossing – films from around the world. The island’s silver screen showings will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 23, 24, and 25 at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA). Show times are scheduled at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

“Many past shorts have been considered for Academy Awards (and) two have even won that coveted prize,” says TJ Faddis, the self-proclaimed “Movie Maven” and entertaining island character, who organizes the event. But this isn’t entirely a passive viewing, Faddis is quick to point out, as participants vote for their favorite short and actor.

manhattan_short_poster_2022_11x17_back_thumbAs anyone who has been to this event in the past knows, tickets can go quickly, so be sure to get yours in advance here:

Tickets are $12 for BIMA members, $15 for those who are not yet members. All six showings feature the same 10 short films. The program is slightly over 2-1/2 hours, including a seven-minute intermission, but give yourself extra time to fill out your ballot. “If you are planning dinner after the matinee,” Faddis advises, “don’t make any reservations before 6 p.m.”

Says the lovable movie aficionado, who has been hosting the Shorts on Bainbridge for more than two decades, “This year we can expect more humor than in recent years, but still anticipate suspense, surprise, laughter, historical parallels, human longing, and earthly connection. As in years past, the 2022 program is first rate – featuring inventive storytelling, terrific acting, polished film making, and in one short – heart-stopping cinematography.”

“Whether a film gently sends a message or blindsides you with a powerful punch,” adds Faddis, “there is something to admire about each of these selections.”

Each moviegoer is given a brochure and voting card so that they can vote for their favorite actor and favorite film. Winning filmmakers receive cash and/or film making accessories to further her/his talent – and they will have their short reviewed by the Academy Award Committee with the possibility of having their film in the running for an Oscar.

Tj Faddis - Movie Maven“You only get to vote for one favorite film,” says Faddis. “While there are always several films worthy, you have to wrestle with yourself as to which one will get your vote. We have many attendees who come for the matinee with friends, then head out to dinner together and spend the rest of the evening talking about how they voted and what they saw and experienced at the Manhattan Shorts.”

This year’s festival has 10 finalists hailing from eight countries. “These final 10 represent the best short films from among the 868 entries received this year for consideration,” Faddis says. “There is something to admire about each of these selections.” Click below to see the trailer and to read more about the 2022 Manhattan Short films:

“I love hosting (the) Manhattan Shorts, and have been doing it for 22 years,” Faddis declares. “It’s better than Christmas…Everyone comes in with bright-eyed anticipation, knowing there are 10 gift-wrapped shorts waiting to unfold before (their) eyes. Will we gasp, laugh, cry, or stay silent as we process that last short?  It’s a 2-1/2 hour emotional roller coaster of human connection – and I can’t wait to share it with this year’s audiences!”

Faddis reminds potential attendees that Covid-19 health and safety measures will be in effect for the event. “With the CDC relaxing policies,” she says, “we say masking is appreciated and recognize it is a personal choice.”

Enjoy the show!BIMA Logo - Stacked - Coral 2021

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