ReFashion Bainbridge Clothing Swap 2023 – March 19th

ReFashion Clothing Swap 2023The 2023 Refashion Bainbridge Committee, sponsored by Zero Waste Bainbridge, is holding a Clothing Swap on March 19th, 2023 at the Filipino-American Community Hall, 7566 High School Road, Bainbridge Island, WA.

This is a community event designed to encourage people to acquire clothing through neighbors instead of indulging in fast fashion. Participants are asked to be reasonable in both giving and taking so it will be an enjoyable event for all! The goal is to have happy recipients with new wardrobe options.

Clothing stylists will be on site to curate outfits for those wanting some savvy advice!

The mission of the Committee is to reduce consumerism (Fast Fashion) and textile waste by upcycling wearable clothing.

Drop-off day is Saturday, March 18th from 11am-2pm ​(You may bring on the day of the event, but Saturday is preferred.) Clothing for all genders and ages are welcome and appreciated.

All items must be clean, quality clothes that are in good shape. Please only bring items that you would gift to your best friend.

Please bring…Do not bring…
·       Athletic wear

·       Business wear

·       Casual wear

·       Formal wear

·       Outerwear




·       Accessories

·       Footwear

·       Hats

·       Jewelry

·       Socks

·       Sleepwear

·       Swimsuits

·       Undergarments

How does it work?
ReFashion Clothing Swap operates on the honor system. Drop off what you have (preferably in advance on Saturday, 11am-2pm, but day-of is an option) and take what you need.

What if I don’t have clothes to swap?
That’s okay — come and select new-to-you apparel whether you have something to share or not. The point is to get away from buying new all the time.

How many items can I bring?
Be reasonable – 12 items maximum. ReFashion reserves the right to review and return clothing they don’t think will be taken.

What is happening to clothing remaining after the Swap concludes?
Non-profits in Kitsap County have been designated by the Committee to receive leftover clothing.

Can I give and not take, or take and not give?
Yes, but please adhere to the hours for each opportunity.

refashion-logozero_waste_logoIf you have any questions, please email Naomi.​




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