Summer is Here and The Ravine is ramping up the fun! More Food, More Music and a Historic Escape Room…

The Ravine sign courtesy of Erika ThayerThe Ravine is one of Bainbridge’s newest entertainment venues and with each new season, owner, Erika Thayer, has been ramping up the fun!

Located on Winslow Way, next to the Winslow Ravine, sit four of Bainbridge Island’s oldest buildings as well as an open-air space. Built between 1892 through the 1930s, the buildings have housed a variety of businesses over the years. In 2020, Erika Thayer and her family purchased the property, and began renovations to preserve the historic buildings and reimagine the gravel lot in the back, but also to provide a location for her Apothecary and Tea Shops.

The Ravine Winslow WayAt the time, Cuts Above Barber Shop was the only remaining tenant, and was soon joined by the Apothecary in one building and the Tea Shop next door. Not long after, Alex Sanso opened her Bainbridge-centric shop, Island Life Artisan Gifts. Erika’s dreams were bigger though. To begin with, she started cleaning up the property and renovating the buildings at the back of the lot to accommodate new business and in 2021, Erika added her Taco Barn. Phase two of Erika’s plans included an open-air space, which would have casual seating for guests and a stage for live musical performances. She also decided to combine the Apothecary Shop and the Tea Shop, which is now the Bainbridge Apothecary & Tea Shop, and allowed for an additional business in the compound, Hot Hot Yoga.

Creating the open-air space, which would become The Ravine was a major undertaking, and after two years of hard work, it held its soft opening in June 2022. Erika designed the layout for the courtyard area and employed the skills of a local contractor, who created the stage in the community courtyard behind the Winslow facing shops. Several large boulders, used as a retaining wall, were already there, and the stage floor was “carved” to follow their path.

Surrounding the stage, you’ll find a variety of comfortable seating, an open space for dancing, and tables and chairs with umbrellas for shade (or a respite from the rain). Whimsical rock art, created by Ethan Currier, can be found throughout the courtyard. The creativity doesn’t end there though, Alex Sanso also tossed her talents into the project with murals that adorn the back side of her shop, as well as the street facing side. Erika has also installed professional lighting and sound for the stage.


Bainbridge Escape The Mystery of HistoryBainbridge Escape – The Mystery of History” is a historic interactive escape room, which revolves around the story of David Caplan, famed fugitive from the 1910 Los Angeles Times Bombing*. Caplan evaded capture and spent more than four years hiding on Bainbridge Island until he was apprehended by a national detective agency, hired to locate the fugitives involved in the bombing. Erika employed acclaimed “experience designer and innovator of leading-edge immersive storytelling”, Phillip Justman, to create a historic escape room experience filled with island history, and her husband, Nathan Thayer is building out the design. Bainbridge Escape will occupy the former Cuts Above Barber Shop location at 440 Winslow Way – the grand opening is planned for June 1st.

The Ravine 2023Live Music at The Ravine Stage – Live music has been in full swing since last summer, but Erika is kicking it up a notch, with bands already booked to perform Friday and Saturday evenings through October. She’s also hoping to add karaoke and 1980’s DJ music on Sunday afternoons.

Willy’s Snack Shack will be opening at the back of the property and will specialize in all-organic and natural “fun food”, Erika said. She has plans for gourmet hotdogs, soft pretzels, vintage soda flavors, and soft serve ice-cream. A “super soft” opening is planned for Mother’s Day weekend.

How about a traditional Irish Pasty? Drawing upon her years in the culinary and specialty baking fields, Erika is introducing Pastys to the Tea Shop menu. Although she hasn’t settled on the exact fillings for her hand-held pastries, she is thinking about something along the lines of beef and stout, cheese, bacon and onion, and ham, potatoes and cheese. The Tea Shop will begin serving the Pastys in June.

The Bainbridge Apothecary & Tea Shop, which Erika refers to as her “fun little witch shop”, carries a variety of tinctures, magical gifts and treasures, as well as plant-based remedies. They also offer a Full High Tea, complete with a sumptuous selection of pastries and treats served on a three-tiered dessert stand. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate moment with a friend, or a larger gathering. If tea isn’t your “cup of tea”, perhaps a bowl of organic soup with a glass of wine, cider or beer? The shop’s environment is enchanting and magical on its own, in addition, there is a private little patio space—which you’ll probably have to share with Carrot Cake the cat—that allows for a perfect spot for you and your friends and/or family to enjoy an afternoon together.

The Taco Barn – serving her gourmet tacos, quesadillas, and frozen lemonade made with the freshest ingredients available.

Island Life Artisan Gifts logo 2023Island Life Artisan Gifts – Alex Sanso’s Bainbridge-centric creations are a unique and eclectic assortment of art, gifts (including T-shirts, magnets, stickers, cards and more), as well as home accessories. She also features the work of many local artists in her shop. Alex also created the logos for Bainbridge Escape and Willy’s Snack Shop. To read more about Alex, click here or visit Island Life’s website here.

Hot Hot Yoga – Get hot! Show your flexibility at this boutique infrared-heated yoga studio – they offer a variety of classes for both beginner and advanced students. Visit their website for more information:

Events! Since its opening, The Ravine has also been a go-to space for events, both intimate and private, or open to the public, such as the upcoming Mother’s Day Ravine Art Fair, happening this weekend (for details, click here).

If you’d like to learn more about renting the space for your event, contact Erika Thayer at (206) 201-3667.

The Ravine and Winslow shops are located at 424-488 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, Washington

*The Los Angeles Times bombing was the purposeful dynamiting of the Los Angeles Times Building in Los AngelesCalifornia, United States, on October 1, 1910, by a union member belonging to the International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers (IW). The explosion started a fire which killed 21 occupants and injured 100 more. It was termed the “crime of the century” by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, which occupied the building. – Source: Los Angeles Times bombing – Wikipedia

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Advertisement – Churchmouse Yarn and Teas Bainbridge Island

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