HELP SAVE THE GRAND OLD 4TH - WE NEED YOU LOGO courtesy of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of CommerceHELP SAVE THE GRAND OLD 4TH!

The return of the traditional Bainbridge July 4th celebrations has been met by excitement, sponsorships, and large numbers of parade and street fair applications. 

Based on 40% more people attending Poulsbo’s recent Viking Fest than ever before, we are planning for a larger crowd than ever before. 

With deadlines looming, we are in desperate need of more community volunteers. 

“60 Islanders have already stepped up, but if we cannot persuade 40 more people to volunteer by Monday, we are going to have to do things we REALLY don’t want to do,” said Stefan Goldby, President/CEO of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce. Possible cuts to the event include:

  •  cut the length of the parade,
  • cut the beer/wine garden entirely.

Please, please, pretty please consider volunteering for a 2-to-4-hour shift: 

    • Working barricades to keep attendees safe and assist parade entries
    • Assisting with composting/recycling/trash management and removal
    • Maintaining free water stations to keep everyone hydrated

Click to sign up and help save the day for Bainbridge

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    *Information provided by and posted on behalf of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce
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