Weed Warriors Fabulous Free Holly Handout 2022

Weed WarriorsHolly image 2022 courtesy of Weed Warriors are thrilled to hold their annual “Fabulous Free Holly Handout” at Town & Country Market on Winslow Way starting at 10am on Saturday, November 26th.

They will distribute small, medium, and large free bundles of holly with a tag explaining why holly is a noxious weed, what to plant instead, and how to dispose of it.

Volunteer! The day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 25th, Weed Warriors will cut a well-berried holly at upper Fort Ward Park, near the entry. Please join them starting at 2pm and take your pick of holly home. Volunteers are also needed to assist with bundling for the free give-a-way at T&C.

Holly graphicEnglish holly, Ilex aquifolium: While English holly is associated with the Christmas holidays, note the name ‘English holly’. Holly evolved in England and nearby countries where it has natural enemies such as insects and browsing creatures that keep it more under control.

Why is holly bad? Homesick English settlers probably brought it to Bainbridge centuries ago. It adapted well—too well! Holly spreads aggressively through roots and seeds, which birds eat and disperse in places like the Grand Forest, where it crowds out native plants such as trillium. It is terribly difficult to remove even after just a few years growth.

What to plant instead? There are many attractive hollies which are sterile hybrids and do not reproduce. Native Oregon grape also comes in many beautiful varieties that are decorative and hold up well in arrangements.

What should you do? Remove all English holly from your yard. Put seeds in trash, not compost.

Holly has been declared one of the “worst three invasive plants of Bainbridge Island” by the Coordinated Weed Management Area, a coalition of various island entities such as BI Parks, Bloedel, IslandWood and more, who manage natural areas on the island.

Weed Warriors LogoIf you would like to volunteer for one or both of November 25th and 26th events, please send an email to jfranks1@comcast.net

For additional information, visit Sustainable Bainbridge/Weed Warriors

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