Audiences Exposed to Another Great Offering of Films at Manhattan Shorts

If you attended the Manhattan Shorts Film Festival this past weekend at BIMA (Bainbridge Island Museum of Art), you were once again exposed to some very clever foreign and domestic 10-to-15 minute short films.

Per usual, audience members voted on their favorite shorts and best actors. If you weren’t able to attend, check out this quick You Tube synopsis and perhaps you might consider taking in the Shorts next year:

The 10 finalists hail from seven countries with films from France, Iran, Canada, Finland, and Germany, alongside two films from the United States and a record three from the United Kingdom. These final 10 films represent the best short films from among 1,250 submissions from 70 countries worldwide.

“It was a tough decision this year with so many different and worthy shorts, but here’s how Bainbridge voted,” said TJ Faddis, our local Movie Maven, who organized the local showing of the shorts:

ARCHIBALD’S SYNDROME  –  48   (the fellow with the magical hands)

KICKSLED CHOIR  –  47  (the young Norwegian lad with an angry father)

BAD OMEN  –  28  (life for one woman in Afghanistan)

CLOSED TO THE LIGHT  –  26  (that cinematic wonder from Italy about the firing squad)

OUT OF TIME  –  17  (a dancer tries to connect with his grandmother)

MR. CACHEMIRE  –  14  (a banker meets his Waterloo in a flamboyant customer)

GANEF  –  3  (a young girl comes to believe her beloved maid is a thief)

DEATH BY HANDSHAKE  –  2  (from the 16-year-old New York filmmaker about his life under Covid)

AURORA  –  1  (animated story about coming to terms with loss of a cherished animal friend)

Bainbridge Best Actor Selections:

Fereshta Afshar from BAD OMEN  –  56

Antoine Vezina from MR. CACHEMIRE  –  44

Benoni  Brox Krane from KICKSLED CHOIR  –  39

Jade Henot from ARCHIBALD  –  19

Ryan McParland from ROUGH  –  18

Sophie McShera from GANEF  –  14

“Your votes have been sent to Nick Mason (organizer of the national campaign) and next week we’ll find out the winners” from all showings nationwide, added Faddis.

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*This article was written by Kevin Dwyer and posted on his behalf by Margaret Millmore

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