Free Holly for the Holidays – Join Weed Warriors and Friends of the Farm at the former M&E Tree Farm for Holly Removal on Friday, December 6th (free holly will also be available at the Bainbridge Island Senior Center on Saturday, December 7th)

The Druids regarded holly as a symbol of fertility and eternal life, they also believed it had magical powers, while the Christians associate it to the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ—the sharp thorns that pierced his skin, the red berries symbolizing his blood. However, for many of us, holly’s bright and vibrant green leaves and red berries make it the perfect holiday accent to any décor.

Unfortunately, it’s also an incredibly invasive plant that can grow up to fifty feet tall and fifteen feet wide, its berries are toxic to humans and it can deprive the surrounding plants of much needed water—birds and other wildlife love to spread it far and wide…

Join Weed Warriors and Friends of the Farms at the former M&E Tree Farm on Friday, December 6th at 1pm. They will be cutting down a well-berried holly tree and volunteers will have first pick of the branch/berry clippings. In addition, volunteers will bundle the holly with tags explaining why it’s so harmful to our ecosystem and how to dispose of it properly (do not compost the berries).

Directions for Friday: 12195 Charles Pl NE, Bainbridge Island – heading north either off of NE Lovgreen Road from Madison or 305, turn north on Charles Place NE

Volunteers are still needed to assist on Friday, if interested, please contact Jeannette Franks at or 206-755-8461.

Can’t make it on Saturday? No problem! Stop by the Bainbridge Island Senior Center on Saturday, December 7th for their amazing annual Thrift Shop Holiday Sale, and receive a free bundle while supplies last (the Senior Center is located between T&C grocery and Waterfront Park).

Sustainable Bainbridge is dedicated to preserving our delicate environment, waterways and shorelines—engaging the community, businesses and local government in creating economic and social programs that will make Bainbridge Island a healthy and sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy.

Friends of the Farm promotes our flourishing local agricultural environment here on Bainbridge Island, managing sixty acres of publicly owned land, providing housing for local farm interns and connecting farmers with landowners.

*Images provided by Jeannette Franks

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