Free ‘Road Ahead Expo’ Will Provide Great Resources for Seniors and Would-be Retirees

Aging is part of life. But sometimes it sneaks up on you. One day you’re in your 20s and you are as fit as a fiddle. Before long, or so it seems, you’re approaching 70 or 80 and suddenly things aren’t working so well.

That darn hip keeps acting up, your knees are getting creakier and creakier, your back keeps flaring up. And, don’t even mention high blood pressure, strokes, stents, cancers, Alzheimer’s, or any number other ailments the human body is prone to as it ages, either through heredity, or the environment under which we’ve lived and worked.

Compass and Clock SeminarFor those reasons, and many others, Mary Coupland, the publisher of Compass & Clock – a twice annual Kitsap County publication focused on senior living and health –  is sponsoring a free resource fair on Saturday April 8, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Bainbridge Island Community Senior Center, 370 Brien Dr. To RSVP for the event (by April 3), email or call (206) 321-8016.

The event, billed “The Road Ahead Expo,” will include free information for seniors around issues such as financial planning, senior housing, legal guidance, family support and much more. “This is a community service,” says Coupland. “We’re trying to do something nice for other people. There are lots of questions (people have) as they approach retirement… (They) have questions but they don’t always know where to go for answers, or (sometimes) what questions to ask.”

The Expo will include tables featuring organizations such as the American Alzheimer’s Association, Island Volunteer Caregivers, the Senior Center, along with a host of experts who will answer questions in areas such as Medicare, estate planning, business law and real estate, personal injury, home care, hospice care, and many other topics.

Bainbridge Island Senior and Community CenterCoupland says the event is aimed at “giving people access to information… It’s not just for someone in an emotional or financial crisis. It’s to start a conversation to, say, avoid a health crisis in someone’s family.” At the Expo, a family member will learn to do their “research in advance” and possibly determine whether a loved one should remain in their home, seek out home health care services, or perhaps go to a nursing home or assisted living center.

“It’s an opportunity (for interested parties) to ask the experts questions in a casual setting,” adds Coupland. The resource expo will include complimentary light snacks and beverages.

The free subscription Compass & Clock magazine, with the subtitle, Navigating life today to remain independent tomorrow, publishes two issues a year, a Spring/Summer, and Fall/Winter periodicals. It also features an online e-magazine, a monthly newsletter and a weekly Podcast – every Thursday – aired on a Bremerton community access TV station.

To learn more about Compass & Clock visit: One fun factoid from their website: “Baby boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day, and aging parents are looking to their adult children for guidance.” 

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