Introducing Bainbridge Island Images

We live on a beautiful island, where a simple walk outside presents the opportunity to see something spectacular; be it a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, the reflection of the clouds on the water, the dew on a flower, the light through the trees, a boat in the distance—you get the picture, and pictures are what Bainbridge Island Images is all about.

Long-time islander, Andrew “Andy” Bergh is passionate about images of our island and was inspired to start the Bainbridge Island Images Facebook Group to inspire others to share their photographs of this wonderful and unique place.

“All cameras are created equal”

This private group is limited to the community of people who (a) view Bainbridge Island as a unique and special place to live, work, and/or visit; (b) enjoy photography; and (c) want to share their photographic images of Bainbridge Island and/or enjoy such images posted by other members.

Consistent with our mission, membership is available to those who meet all three criteria in the preceding section. This includes former or current residents of Bainbridge Island; former or current employees of Bainbridge Island businesses; and people who have visited Bainbridge Island in the past and/or would like to visit it in the future. Expertise in photography is NOT required. For that matter, you don’t even need to own a camera – just enjoy and/or comment on the island images taken by others.

This private group is called “Bainbridge Island Images” for good reason, as the intent is to focus exclusively on images of Bainbridge Island. This includes photographs of the island taken from the sea, from the air, or from good old terra firma. For example, images shot from a Washington State ferry or with a camera drone are perfectly fine. It also includes photographs taken from Bainbridge Island, given the myriad scenic views that are available (e.g., the Olympics, Mt. Rainier, the Seattle skyline, and Puget Sound generally). Many posts will undoubtedly include landscape and/or nature images displaying the natural beauty and wildlife of Bainbridge Island. Since the island has approximately 25,000 inhabitants who enjoy a unique and special lifestyle, “people shots” may be posted as well. For example, images from Bainbridge Island’s annual Fourth of July celebration are acceptable. “Selfies” or group shots best left for a personal Facebook page, however, are expressly disallowed.

Gov. Jay Inslee has issued his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” proclamation to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. To help protect the health and safety of the Bainbridge Island community, all members are expected to comply with this proclamation, as well as any other federal, state, and/or local orders applicable to the coronavirus outbreak.

Click here to join the group.

“Friends and acquaintances have kidded me about being an unpaid volunteer for the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce, but that’s okay!  I truly can’t imagine calling any other place home, so am more than happy to sing our little island’s praises.  Even though I’ve lived here 30+ years, there are still so many places to explore, things to see, and views to be had – so I look forward to being inspired by other members’ images.  It’s been said that ‘taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.’  Hopefully, this new group will provide a wonderful forum for members to accomplish exactly that.” -Andy Bergh

Andy has lived on Bainbridge Island since 1988, after retiring from his 30-year law career, he took up photography full time, and in 2018, he opened his gallery, Bergh Images, on Winslow Way (you can read more about Andy and his work here).

*Image by Andrew Bergh


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