Island Volunteer Caregivers Spread Cheer through Flower Deliveries

Island Volunteer Caregivers logoOn August 2, 2022, Island Volunteer Caregivers (IVC) hit the half-way mark of another season of its popular Flowers from the Heart program. For over twenty years, this signature program has delivered hundreds of bouquets during an eight-week period each summer to care receivers, community heroes, and individuals in need of cheer. This year IVC is on track to deliver over 400 bouquets with deliveries happening every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday through September 1, 2022.

Longtime IVC volunteer and Flowers from the Heart co-team lead, Robin Nigash, shared excitement over this year’s “over the top talented flower designers and the wonderful variety of flowers and greens being donated from resident’s farms and gardens.”

IVC.FFTH 2022 VolunteersFlower arrangers have added special touches, like seashells, this year that haven’t gone unnoticed by IVC’s care receivers. One recipient called the IVC office to express her gratitude. She said, “I came home hot and tired after a challenging day and perked right up when I saw the flowers on my porch. They are the perfect color and I love the little seashells at the bottom. Thank you!”

Beyond spreading cheer, the Flowers from the Heart program is an important touchpoint that extends compassion to community members in need while ensuring IVC has up-to-date information on registered IVC Care Receivers.

This year, IVC’s Flowers from the Heart team has noted an escalation in the number of recipients who have lost loved ones this past year or are significantly struggling themselves. A recent recipient said, “I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on my anniversary, and I was so touched. My husband passed a few months ago and I wasn’t expecting this at all. Thank you so much!”

Group of Senior Retirement Friends courtesy of IVC

It was a serendipitous experience as the Flowers from the Heart Team didn’t know it was her anniversary. These coincidences are common throughout the Flowers from the Heart season.

If you know someone that could use some extra cheer, contact IVC to have them added to their delivery list.

IVC welcomes volunteer arrangers and deliverers and is in particular need of gardeners interested in growing flowers specifically for next season’s Flowers from the Heart program. The current committee will be working with growers who qualify, based on garden conditions. Individuals interested in volunteering as arrangers, deliverers, or flower growers can sign up as an official IVC volunteer by visiting or calling the office Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm at (206) 842-4441.

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