Join the artists at Roost for their November 2021 Art Walk – Friday, November 12th from 3pm to 6pm and Saturday, November 13th from 11am to 3pm

Roost is located in the historic Lynwood Center/Pleasant Beach neighborhood and is the home to the Flying Goat Art Studios at Roost: Patricia Orellana (fine art), Theresa Killgore’s Peaceful Spring Designs (contemporary jewelry and unique art, as well as artwork by other area artists) and the glass maestro Lino Tagliapietra (fine glassworks).

All three studios will be open on Friday evening – Lino Tagliapietra, Orellana, and Peaceful Spring Designs.  On Saturday Orellana Studio and Peaceful Spring Designs will be open.

Patricia Orellana is a classically trained artist and graphic artist. Her work is unique in that she varies between abstract and representational. That uniqueness is amplified in the mediums she uses to create her art. In addition to her paintings, she also produces fine art prints and digital paintings. Like many artists in our area, she’s constantly awed and inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Typically, she works off of photographs she’s taken locally and on vacations, as well as items found in her home, and the occasional photograph taken by a friend.

Theresa Killgore’s designs manifest in her imagination, from there she reverse-engineers them into both “serious” and “fun” one-of-a-kind pieces. Having always loved polished rocks, she decided to incorporate them into jewelry, as well as found objects she picks up on her travels, or just in her backyard. Her pieces have included a lava bead found in Reykjavik, embroidery from a shop in Lucerne, a Murano glass bead she picked up in Venice, a piece of bark she found in her backyard, a small toy she found at a shop in the Netherlands – everything and anything can be made into jewelry as long as the size and weight works. For her more serious pieces, she uses sterling silver, 14k gold and semi-precious stones. In addition to her jewelry collections, she creates painted silk textiles.

In addition to Theresa’s designs, Peaceful Springs will showcase new artist Dorothy Skea with her beautiful wearable art clothing, as well as Dawn McNamara’s teapot and yoga elephant pottery.

Lino Tagliapietra is an Italian glass artist whose unique pieces are showcased in prestigious museums around the world. At a young age his unprecedented talent was so impressive, that at the age of 21, he was appointed the title of “Maestro”, an honor reserved for only the best glassblowers. Currently in his 80s and with over 70 years of experience, the Maestro divides his time between Murano and Seattle. The Maestro has two showrooms, one in the heart of the glassmakers’ island of Murano and one in Seattle, the epicenter of Lino’s artworks in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Lino Tagliapietra Inc has a small studio on Bainbridge Island.

Location: 4565 Flying Goat Ave NE Unit B100 and 4566 Flying Goat Ave NE Units C100 and C140

Refreshments will be served.


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