OfficeXpats Opens New Gym in The Pavilion; Mayor Deets and the Chamber will Dedicate it on Thursday, March 21

OfficeXpats, the coworking and conference center located on the second floor of The Pavilion shopping mall in Downtown Winslow, is diverging its business, ever so slightly. The 10-plus-year-old organization is adding a small fitness center to its menu of offerings.

The public is invited to check out the “Pavilion Fitness” center at a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting on Thursday, March 21 at 4:30 p.m. Bainbridge Island Mayor Joe Deets and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce will be on hand to celebrate the opening, with a reception to follow. The gym will remain open until 6pm for all who are curious.

Just up the stairs from the Pavilion’s restaurants and movie theaters, and mere steps away from the coworking side of the business, is a hidden gem (ahem, “gym”) that “feels private, quiet, and low key,” says OfficeXpats co-owner Leslie Schneider.

“Some of us old-timers remember the ‘honor gym’ across the hall that was always open and those who used it were asked to drop a check in a box once a month. Some of them actually did. It was known to the high school kids as the ‘free gym.'”

“Then it almost became a full-service gym under new management,” Schneider adds. “Then the pandemic hit and it all fell apart.”

Leslie Schneider
Leslie Schneider

“This small gym offers big fitness opportunity,” she continues, “with treadmills, ellipticals, stationary cycling, and muscle-building circuit training. Locker rooms and showers are located through Men’s and Women’s second floor bathrooms.”

Join now and get a unique code (or get set up with the thumbprint reader) for anytime access (caveat: anytime the Pavilion is open, 6 a.m.-10p.m). For a limited time, Schneider explains, you can become a charter member for $49 a month. That offer ends April 30.

To join…

  • Go to and click on the Charter Membership link.
  • You will be prompted to create your OfficeXpats account to administer and pay monthly for your gym membership, typically via automated credit card payments (checks also accepted).
  • Stop by OfficeXpats (M-F 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) to sign the membership agreement and get your code key or fingerprint access.
  • Immediately enjoy the gym at your convenience, no classes or training staff, just you and your goals.

If you need to cancel, just visit your online account at any time prior to your renewal date and do it yourself, no need to make phone calls or write emails (but you will still maintain access until that renewal date). Or let them know before the renewal date and they will do it for you.

A few things to note…

  • Members must be adults; no minors in the gym please.
  • No overnight storage of belongings in lockers.
  • Street clothes are allowed in the gym but only soft soled non-marking shoes, please.

OfficeXpats interiorMeanwhile, OfficeXpats has expanded its business model, with new re-configured office spaces – for companies and organizations that might want more privacy than the center’s open-seating platform, as well as a new conference center, equipped with white boards and other advanced technology offerings. To learn more about OfficeXpats and its new gym and fitness center visit

*Information and some images provided by OfficeXpats.

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