Quitslund, Scott in Tight Battle for City Council Seat; Other Races Ho-Hum

Normally, we shy away from covering politics on the pages of The Island Wanderer, but we thought a clear, objective look at yesterday’s election results were in order.

Typically, City Council races generate the most interest among island voters because councilors usually oversee larger budgets and have greater sway over issues such as development, permitting, water usage, economics, community culture, and the like. But that’s not to say elected officials in charge of the island’s so-called “junior taxing districts” – fire commissioners, parks board members and school district board of trustee directors – don’t have a sizeable influence on island life as well. They do, but perhaps their role is more understated and not so much in the limelight as the City Council.

Okay, so let’s get to it:

In the 2021 election, the Bainbridge Island City Council had four contested races . As of this morning, three of the four appear to be won by incumbents or challengers, while the other is still in play. In the District 3, South Ward competition, Jon Quitslund (2,812 votes or 51.8% cast) is narrowly defeating Ken Scott (2,721 or 49.18% cast). The race for an open seat is too close to call at this time and the Kitsap County Elections office (https://www.kitsapgov.com/auditor/Documents/Results.html) will have updated results by 5 p.m. today.

In other City Council races:

District 2 North Ward: Brenda Fantroy-Johnson, 3,902 or 74% v Chris Smith, 1,365 or 26%.

District 5 Central Ward: Clarence Moriwaki, 4,663 or 79% v (Incumbent and current Mayor) Rasham Nassar, 1,251 or 21%.

District 7 North Ward: (Incumbent) Joe Deets, 4,221 or 72% v Ron Peltier, 1,650 or 28%.

Bainbridge Island School District 303 races: 

Director Position 2: Robert Cromwell, running unopposed, 3,980 votes.

Director Position 5 : Mark D. Emerson, running unopposed, 3,959 votes.

Bainbridge Island Fire Commisioners

Position 1: Scott Isenman, running unopposed, 4,080 votes.

Position 3: Andrea Chymiy, 3,187 or 60.2% v Robert S. Peterson, 2,099 or 39.7%.

Position 5: Tim Carey, 3,093 or 60.5% v David Dunn, 2,007 or 39%.

Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park District

Position 5: Tim Goodlin, 3,352 or 61.9% v David Maron, 2,055 or 38%.

Position 2: Ken Dewitt, running unopposed, 3,995.

Position 4: Jay Kinney, running unopposed, 3,939.


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